Visiting Mexico: The Ultimate Girl Travel Guide

Visiting Mexico: The Ultimate Girl Travel Guide

Mexico is famous for its pristine beaches, delicious food, vibrant cities, and intoxicating culture. If you've had your first taste of Mexico at a restaurant or food truck - or made friends with some amazing Mexican people - you'll want to experience the country firsthand. But like any country, there's stuff you need to know before you pack your bags.


From navigating Mexico's transportation system to traveling safely and enjoying some of the best food culture in the Americas, this guide will spell out all the requirements that a girl traveler needs to know before heading out for an epic solo adventure.


Getting There

Before you explore the vibrant cities and beautiful nature of Mexico, you'll need to get there safely. The number of US Airlines that offer flights to Mexico are almost limitless, so if you're traveling from the US or Canada you'll have a huge variety of options to choose from, making it easier to secure an affordable flight.


If you're traveling from further abroad like Europe or Australia, you'll want to look out for connecting flights that get you there and under a day without breaking the bank. With more Aussies traveling again after the pandemic, the flight deals are getting better and better.


Once you're in Mexico, getting around is easy as long as you have a driver's license. You can rent a car at most airports and throughout Mexico City, while smaller areas that cater to tourists like Cancun also have a number of Rent-A-Car companies that can help you get on the road. Remember to bring your international driving permit as well as your valid driver's license.


The Food

This is definitely the highlight of any trip to Mexico. The cuisine of this country has been developing for centuries and there's a lot more to delight your palate than just nachos and Tex-Mex. Here are some must try food items for your trip south of the border.


●      Gorditas. Get ready for a taste explosion when you bite into these thick, fluffy tortillas filled with meat, cheese, and a variety of other fillings.

●      Enchiladas. Stuffed tortillas bursting with flavor and drizzled with chili sauce make the perfect snack on the go.

●      Tamales. No list would be complete without these! These dough pockets filled with delicious fresh vegetables and meat, and wrapped in banana leaves.


The People

If there's one word that sums up the culture of Mexico, it's warmth. As you travel south from the border, you'll experience smiles, friendly faces, and genuine concern, even from strangers, but that doesn't mean that everyone you encounter will be your instant best friend.


If you use the same good judgment you use back home, you'll probably make loads of new friends in Mexico and avoid some of the not-so-pleasant encounters that some travelers have reported. While criminal incidents are the exception to the rule, it's a good idea to take regular precautions.


If you're from North America, you probably know this already but the main language spoken in Mexico is Spanish.

If you stick to the traditional tourist areas like Cancun and Guadalajara, you'll probably get away with English, but it's always a good idea to learn the local lingo, especially if you plan to visit the rural parts of Mexico.


Showing an interest in the local culture is always a great way to create goodwill and make friends - and with all the free language learning apps out there, you won't struggle to find a virtual learning solution to get your Spanish up to scratch.


The Sights and Sounds

The list of places you could visit in Mexico is so long that it could fill 10 articles like this. Let's just say that whether you want to enjoy the urban vibes of Mexico City, explore the popular coast, or go slightly off the beaten track, the country has something for everyone.


Mexico is famous for its great weather and beautiful beaches, but that doesn't mean that it's a tropical country.


The winter months may not be the best time to visit if you're all about the beach life, but the advantage is that you'll get great deals on accommodation. Places like Conejos Bay, which is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Mexico, offer an unforgettable experience with four unspoiled beaches to choose from. If you've traveled before, you're more than likely already familiar with the popular Secrets chain of resorts. Secrets Huatulco Resort, featuring luxury suites designed for couples, is a great place for a romantic stay.


If you're traveling solo and still seeking your future honeymoon partner, Mexico has just as many great things to offer, including vibrant nightlife, restaurants, and bars along this popular coastal stretch.


Speaking of accommodation, deciding whether you want to go to the traditional hotel route or hit up some great hostels and Airbnbs is 100% a personal choice.


No matter what you decide, you'll find great prices throughout Mexico, especially if you're paying currency like the US Dollar or Euro.


The Serious Stuff

So far with covered awesome aspects of Mexico, and we've hardly even gotten started, but the truth is that like any country there's a mix of good and bad south of the border.


You may have heard that Mexico is a dangerous place to visit, especially with drug cartels making newspaper headlines, but the truth is that you're very unlikely to encounter criminals like this in the parts of the country that are famous for tourism.

On the other hand, keeping an eye out for petty crime is probably far more important. Female travelers will want to be careful at night, especially in side streets in Mexico City and in certain areas, including Tijuana which are known for having slightly higher crime rates.


Bag snatching has been known to happen so keeping your valuables safe and close hand is always important.


This goes without saying, but accepting a ride from anyone you don't know is especially dangerous in a foreign country. If you're approached by a local you don't know, the safest option is to refuse politely and keep walking.


If you need to contact the Mexican tourist police during your stay, you can reach them at 911.

The Bottom Line

From sparkling waters and pristine beaches to some of the most vibrant nightlife in Latin America there is amazing culture and delicious food, and the sheer variety of things to do make Mexico must-see.


Understanding and appreciating local culture, learning some survival Spanish, sampling the great food and drink offerings that the country has to offer - and of course, staying safe as a solo traveler are all great ways to enjoy Mexico this year.


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