OceanZen Travel's journey to Antarctica, the 7th Continent

OceanZen Travel's journey to Antarctica, the 7th Continent

OceanZen Travel, a trailblazer in the realm of adventure travel for solo female travellers who want to tick off unique, bucket list experiences, is proud to share the remarkable story of its recent expedition to Antarctica"an editorial piece that promises to captivate readers with tales of exploration, wonder, and the enduring power of the human spirit.

● Sunshine Coast based female Entrepreneur started a travel company inspiring and taking women to bucket list destinations, such as swimming with
wild humpback whales in the Pacific and most recently Antarctica.

● 23 Australian guests followed Steph Gabriel, Founder of OceanZen Travel to Antarctica in January on an expedition which had them witnessing towering icebergs, colonies of penguins, whales, and the extreme adventurers of the group camped for a night and kayaked amongst whales and penguins.

Journey to the End of the Earth: OceanZen Travel's Antarctic Expedition

"Visiting Antarctica is an unparalleled privilege, a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the most incredible wilderness", says Steph Gabriel, Founder and CEO of OceanZen Travel. "Our expedition was a testament to the spirit of adventure and exploration that drives us to seek out the unknown and immerse ourselves in the wonders of the natural world."

The group of women were mostly Australian, and travelled across the globe to Argentina. From the moment the expedition set sail from the edge of the world known as Ushuaia, Argentina which is the closest point to Antarctica (only two days of sailing), guests found themselves entranced by the breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife that defines the Antarctic landscape.

The guests witnessed towering icebergs calving into the sea, encountered colonies of playful penguins, all kinds of seal species and marvelled at the majestic sight of whales breaching the surface in a graceful ballet.

"We traded our warm cosy cabins on the ship for a night to go camping amongst the icebergs on land which was absolutely extraordinary". "We slept in 'body bags' that are made for -27 degree temperatures and fell asleep listening to cracking icebergs, whales breathing and penguins calling. It wasn't cold when we went to sleep, but we woke up to -6 degree temperatures in the early hours of the morning", Says Steph Gabriel.

"I believe that travel has the power to transform lives and inspire positive change, I am super passionate about offering a space where women can travel solo in a safe environment which is a huge mission for why I created OceanZen Travel.

About 90% of our guests come solo, but it's not just about going on a "holiday"... It's an adventure" a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and liberation by stepping outside of your comfort zone and going to these unique, bucket list destinations. I want to inspire women to break free from societal constraints, challenge themselves, and embrace the unknown with courage and confidence" Says Steph Gabriel.

About OceanZen Travel: OceanZen Travel is a leading adventure travel company dedicated to unique travel experiences to bucket list, once in a lifetime destinations. From swimming with Humpback Whales in the Pacific to witnessing 100 year old Giant Tortoises in the Galapagos, OceanZen Travel offers unparalleled adventures for solo travellers seeking to explore the wonders of the natural world.

OceanZen Travel is committed to providing travellers with a deeper connection to nature and wildlife, so each guest feels inspired to protect the fragile environment for future generations. "Our holiday experiences aren't just a trip"it's an opportunity to connect with nature, to learn from the land, and to leave a positive impact on the world," says Steph Gabriel. "We believe that by immersing ourselves in the natural environment and offering unique
experiences for guests to connect with wildlife, we can gain a greater appreciation for the wonders of our planet and inspire others to take action to protect it." Says Steph Gabriel OceanZen Travel's expedition to Antarctica is open to adventurers of all ages and backgrounds, with another group trip departure scheduled for January 2025.

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