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Australian Entrepreneur Raises $95K in 24-hour Crowdfund to Change Face of Health As We Know It

Australian Entrepreneur Raises $95K in 24-hour Crowdfund to Change Face of Health As We Know It

Matt Riemann, from the Adelaide Hills town of Echunga, raised US$95,000 in the first 24 hours of crowdfunding launch with the project that will change the face of health around the world.

Shae™, likened to 'Siri for your Health", gives personalised health solutions based on your phenotype, the current expression of your genes, without genetic testing or sampling. 'Shae is the very first application to customise health specifically for your unique body and circumstances today," says Matt.

ph360 (the current personalised health platform and basis of the new mobile Shae™) is already changing lives around the world: improving sleep, reducing stress, reducing signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic pain.

'Now that we have the means to be able to quantify who you are biologically, neurochemically, genetically and  epigenetically  today, we can give you solutions to keep you full of energy, healthy, and happy throughout your day," says Matt.

Shae™ is the first step in being able to provide this information as a predictive and preventative solution to millions of people suffering from chronic pain and disease around the world. All using what the every day person has control over in daily life: food, activity, perception, environmental and social choices.

'The real key to our health is written in our body's unique code. And we've cracked it. Now that we can translate that code, we have the opportunity to be a thriving, happy and healthy society. Our intention is to provide the technology to help improve the health of the individuals of our world to support a healthy, happy community, regardless of race, gender or status," says Matt.

'We believe a healthy global community makes healthy decisions - with their own lives and through the influence they have on those around them. This is the driving force behind the decisions we make through our actions with Shae and this is our promise from our family to yours."

About ph360: ph360 is the world's first Personalised Health Program based on epigenetics, available worldwide. It provides personalised health insights that encompass your diet, fitness, environment, mindfulness, personal and interpersonal relationships, allowing you to tailor 360 degrees of your health specifically to you today.


Kickstarter campaign (Launched Friday April 8th, AU)


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