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Splosh KoKo

Splosh KoKo

Leading Australian gift and homewares company, Splosh, has released KoKo, a new line of high end reed diffusers, non-aerosol home fragrances and candles, in a range of eight new invigorating scents.

Expertly crafted from 100% natural oils, KoKo delivers the highest quality fragrances, sure to fill any room with subtle sophistication. Free from harmful toxins like ethanol or alcohol, the all-natural range creates extraordinary and long lasting aroma for up to four months.


Aroma Stones ($12.95)

KoKo's Aroma Stones are a ceramic stone diffuser that will fill your home with amazing fragrance. Perfect for cupboards, wardrobes or bathrooms, the stone will absorb and slowly diffuse the fragrance. Available in a range of different scents, such as the Coconut & Lime aroma stone which combines the flavours of lime, pineapple and lemon with a hint of vanilla bean.

Reed Diffusers ($34.95)

Bring personality to any room or space with Splosh's natural reed diffusers. While many diffusers on the market use ethanol and other flammable bases, KoKo uses only natural, cosmetic grade oils that are chemical free for your safety and wellbeing. KoKo reed diffusers are the ultimate indulgence and each lasts up to 4 months.

Room Fragrances ($12.95)

Add your personal touch to your living space with a variety of aromatic fragrances. Create a summer haven with Tropical Coconut infused with frangipani or for those with a sweet tooth, try Mango & Mandarin with a hint of tantalising elderberries and papaya. Koko's non-aerosol room fragrances will fill your room with inviting scents while refreshing and helping to eliminate odour.

KoKo Candles ($39.95)

Nothing makes a room cosier then the flickering of candle light- try Splosh's 100% soy KoKo candle range that comes in a selection of different mouth-watering scents. From the exotic blend of creamy coconut and fresh lime, this KoKo candle will have your room smelling like a summer holiday. The beautiful fragrance notes of sweet pear and lily petals, this floral, fruity fragrance will have your house smelling of sweet scents all day long.

Wax Melts ($9.95)

These scented 100% natural candle melt packs feature exhilarating blends such as lemongrass & sage or Lychee & Red Currant. Each pack contains 6 large cubes and fragrances that last up to 69 hours. They are perfect to treat yourself or a loved one and will make a great addition to spice up any home.

The Koko range is available at leading homeware and specialty candle stores nationally. For more information on KoKo please visit


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