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Stefan Mayer BlueReflect Lenses Interview

Stefan Mayer BlueReflect Lenses Interview

According to Vision Council, more than 90 per cent of adults spend at least two hours each day staring at a screen, and 60 per cent spend more than five. The high-energy visible (HEV) artificial blue light emitted by today's digital devices (laptops, phones, and tablets) is the most powerful amongst visible light and can actually cause serious eye damage.

Global eyewear leader Clearly has launched the BlueReflect lenses (blue anti-reflective coating) to block artificial light, protects eyes and decreases side effects including headaches, dry eyes, fatigue and blurry vision. These lenses are available with any glasses ordered from Clearly, be it their in house brands like Derek Cardigan and Love, or designer brands like RayBan and Valentino. These can be worn by people who don't even need prescription glasses, simply to protect them from the harmful blue light from our screens.

Interview with Stefan Mayer

Question: What can you tell us about the new option in the lens category launched by Clearly?

Stefan Mayer: Clearly have launched new lenses, BlueReflect lenses, available in all of our glasses on, which protect people from the harmful damage of blue light. Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and is emitted by the sun and artificial light sources such as LEDs, computers, and smart phones. Some types of blue light can be beneficial and help regulate our bodies' internal biological clocks. However, blue-violet light can have a harmful impact on the eyes, specifically the retina. It is also a risk factor for the onset of age-related macular degeneration, a deterioration of the part of the retina responsible for sharp, central vision.

The problem with artificial light is that most of us are now continuously looking at our digital technologies. Computers, phones, games, and tablets all require that we look at high-energy visible artificial blue light. This can potentially cause headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision and eye strain.

Fluorescent lighting and UV rays also contain blue light, which adds to eye damage and strain.

BlueReflect lenses offer a protective shield that reduces glare and blue light from digital screens and artificial lights that lead to digital eye strain.

Question: How does this lens help protect consumers against light rays emitted by digital screens?

Stefan Mayer: Blue light is the lower end of the visible spectrum and covers wavelengths from 380-500 nm. However not all blue light is damaging. Blue light also has healthy rays. The aim is to filter out the damaging blue light rays.

BlueReflect specifically targets the unwanted blue light (415 – 455 nm) prevalent many modern technologies, e.g. LED backlighting used in many LCD displays, fluorescent lighting, and the increasingly popular LED lighting of domestic and commercial premises and display cases.

Question: What rays are emitted by digital screens?

Stefan Mayer: Digital Screens emit electromagnetic radiation in a broad range of frequencies. Recent studies have linked damaging blue light prevalent in sunlight and many modern technologies, e.g. LED backlighting used in many LCD displays, fluorescent lighting, and the increasingly popular LED lighting of domestic and commercial premises and display cases.

Question: How do the rays emitted by digital screens affect our sight?

Stefan Mayer: After extended use, our vision can be affected by Eyestrain, blurry vision dry & irritated eyes and headaches.

Question: Can these rays cause further damage to our eyes?

Stefan Mayer: Studies have suggested there are greater risks to certain types of cancers, diabetes, heart disease macular degeneration & premature cataract.

Question: How can we prevent the damage caused by the digital screens rays?

Stefan Mayer: One way is to get digital protection with your glasses. This will protect you from the more permanent damage of blue light as well as fatigue by digital devices as described above.

Give your eyes a rest as well. Every 20 minutes look at something in the distance for 20 seconds. This will only help eye fatigue when in front of the digital device to some degree but will not protect you from the harmful long term effects of blue light without the BlueReflect lenses from Clearly.

In addition, ensure children are getting regular eye examinations and taking breaks from digital technologies. Blue light also disturbs sleeping patters. Avoid your children to use digital technology about 2 hrs before bedtime.

Question: Can only people who need prescription glasses use the BlueReflect lenses technology?

Stefan Mayer: Anyone has access BlueReflect lenses. You just need to order the digital protection lens as a Plano lens on if no prescription is required. Be sure to have a valid & current prescription if you do require prescription lenses.

Question: What are the benefits of the BlueReflect Lenses for those with and without prescription glasses?

Stefan Mayer: BlueReflect single vision lenses has 100% UV protection is scratch resistant water repellent and has an antireflective coating and easy to clean. This can be worn inside & out with the added benefit of digital protection when required.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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