Sushi Sandwich

Sushi Sandwich

Forget the customary carrot sticks and cucumber slices for summer entertaining and use hommus to create surprising dishes that will delight at any get together. All without forking out for expensive ingredients.

As we break into the warmer months and with the entertaining season fast approaching, the traditional picnic dip can be found in many Australian fridges, says Jalni Shah, General Manager SSS Foods: "Why not hack your hommus? With many of us planning staycations during the festive season, this summer will focus on having fun and entertaining at home, which means more time spent in the kitchen mastering unique creations for friends and family!" says Jalni.

Japanese Inspired Onigirazu (Sushi Sandwich) by @crushinglimits

• Sushi Rice
• Nori Sheet
• Lettuce
• Diced Tomato
• SSS Foods Natural Hommus

1. Make sushi rice according to the packet instructions and keep warm
2. Cut two portions of the nori sheet and lay them on a piece of clingfilm, parallel, with some space between them (you should be able to put a hand in between).
Chef tip: you can do it on top of a sushi roller mat so it is easier to put everything together
3. Wet your hands and grab a handful of rice, placing it on top of both nori and using your hands, make it even and as flat as possible.
4. In one nori with rice, place SSS Foods Natural Hommus – as much as you want!
5. Incorporate whatever other ingredients you want on top on that, just don't overload
6. Bring the other nori with rice on top, with the help of the clingfilm and/or sushi roll mat, as if you were closing a side of a book
7. Top with more SSS Foods Natural Hommus

Feel inspired this summer and create delicious, unique twists on summer classics, with the much-loved kitchen staple. "We hope that Australians take on the challenge of hacking with hommus this entertaining season. It's an easy, cheap way to get tongues wagging," adds Jalni.


SSS Foods Natural (RRP: $3.80) and Coriander, Chilli & Mild Chilli (RRP: $3.80) hommus flavours are available in Woolworths stores nationwide. To find out more about SSS Foods range and to get inspired by a variety of recipes, visit

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