Swarovski Spring Collection 2020

Swarovski Spring Collection 2020

Spring has sprung and with it the start of a new decade – the perfect time for new beginnings and for channeling a sense of positive energy. This season, Swarovski sparks curiosity and invites women around the world to embark on a journey to discover what ignites their inner light and to unlock their positive energy.

Collection Highlights
Swarovski reconnects with nature through its Spring Collection, complete with sparkling symbols and amulets. The predominance of shell designs, sea-inspired motifs and meaningful elements can be explained by the Collection's theme, and provide peacefulness and strength in today's fast-paced world. The brand reimagines these well-known symbols and silhouettes in its own dazzling signature style, and infuses refined, sleek lines with intricate Swarovski crystal embellishment.

Shell Collection
Seashell silhouettes embody the serene essence of the sea and evoke beautiful memories of tranquility. Swarovski's brilliantly modern take on the shell jewellery trend features polished metal tones and shimmering Swarovski crystal detailing. The talking piece of the Collection is a pair of versatile pierced earrings, which can be deconstructed and built back up to achieve different looks.

Styling tip: Allow the earrings to stand out for themselves, by wearing them at different lengths, for an on-trend, asymmetrical style.

Sculptured Shell Collection
The shell trend continues into the Sculptured Shell Collection, with an array of pieces to make your sparkle stand-out. Bold silhouettes and oversized seashell shapes not only offer refined details, but they also reveal small surprises upon closer inspection. The on-trend nude palette, with baroque pearl detailing, is perfectly offset by flashes of coral hues, which mimics the vibrancy of natural coral reefs. Styling tip: These exceptional pieces make a glamorous statement. Combine the cocktail ring with the stand-out cuff, or wear the necklace alone to dial up the sparkle.

Swarovski Symbolic Collection
The latest additions to the Swarovski Symbolic Collection are modern talismans that shine brightly, reflect your character and carry symbolic values. The series of unique motifs take inspiration from meditation, including the lotus flower, a symbol for personal progress, the tree of life that represents strength and wisdom, and the wishbone for hope and good fortune.

Styling tip: Combine a number of the symbolic signs by layering pendants and bracelets for an on-trend, everyday look.

Swarovski Remix Collection
Express your individuality with the versatile Swarovski Remix Collection. This innovative line features a hidden magnetic closure, which means you can blend in other pieces from the Collection to create a bespoke look for different occasions. This season, delicate strands in golden hues delight with a sparkling shell design.

Styling tip: Dial up the glamour by wearing a number of Swarovski Remix strands, each featuring different symbols, for the perfect day-to-night look.

Shine Collection
The Shine Collection brings new sparkle and meaning to the layering trend. Taking inspiration from symbols of the sea, this new line features coin-shaped designs, each reflecting a different part of Poseidon, god of the sea and its elements. Each coin has a distinct look, created through different techniques for a matte, satin or shiny effect.

Styling tip: Wear the coin necklaces together, each at different lengths, for an on-trend look. Pair with the symbolic earrings from the Collection to stand-out from the crowd.

So Cool Collection
The So Cool Collection brings an edgier feel to the season through its chunky chain designs. Refined crystal Pointiage® and pavé detailing add a touch of sophistication to this contemporary, urban trend. Styling tip: Combine the choker with more delicate pieces from the Collection for a feminine evening look.

The captivating Spring Campaign tells the story of Swarovski crystal fascination, and how the sparkling facets of each Swarovski crystal ignites curiosity within us. Ethereal women adorned with dazzling symbols and meaningful motifs are seen playing with pieces from the Collection in a serene setting by a glittering pool, evoking the power of positive, natural energy.

The Swarovski Spring 2020 Collection is available in stores and on Swarovski.com.