Girls' Night out at Sydney's Outdoor Bed Cinema

No boyfriend - No problem!

Because we all need to spend time with the gang once in a while, Mov'in bed is back with its 150-bed theatre (yes, beds!) and this time around, it will be held closer to the CBD, at Moore Park's Entertainment Quarter.

No boyfriend - No problem! Spend a girls' night out in bed, drinking wine, eating food and munching on popcorn while watching a movie! And yes, you can be up to 3 in a bed!

You can choose from hiding under the blanket with some of the latest blockbusters like IT, Annabelle and Happy Death Day or spend the night with the Beauty And The Beast, Peter Pan or even Harry Porter…You might have to come twice!

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, YOU CAN ALSO DINE IN BED this year. In fact, Mov'In Bed has partnered with Fratelli Fresh, Bavarian Bier Café and Burger Project with food being delivered straight to your bed.

Dates: October 27th - December 10th 2017
Venue: The Showring - The Entertainment Quarter (125 Lang Road - Moore Park - NSW 2021)
Tickets: from $12.00 to $93.90
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