Tea for two...or twenty: The hen's tea party


Tea for two...twenty: The hen's tea party

Lately, many brides-to-be have been looking for alternatives to the rowdy, wild, hen's night on the town.

In fact, many are looking for the complete opposite something that's elegant, classy and allows them to spend quality time with their close friends before the big day.

According to invite specialists Enchanted Envelope, one particular hen's party style that's emerging is the tea party. Usually hosted by a bridesmaid, the high' tea involves tea, coffee, hot chocolate and champagne along with pastries, cupcakes and sandwiches.

Buyer for Enchanted Envelope Sarsha Bucak has noticed the increase in tea party invites being purchased by hens or friends planning a hen's night. "Five years ago hens wanted invites for club-hopping style parties, but now we're seeing a real shift," said Ms Bucak. "Women tell us that they just want to bond with friends and be able to chat and of course indulge in some yummy treats."

"I think women are really starting to explore alternatives to the drunken night out. Girls know that a tea party is anything but boring get a group of good friends in a room with some coffee and chocolate muffins and you've got a recipe for a great day."

Enchanted Envelope have also seen hosted cooking parties emerge, where the fun starts with a glass of wine and some chopping, frying and baking in the kitchen, and then moves to the dining room to enjoy the meal the group created.

"These types of parties really do create special memories that brides can treasure, rather than a night they possibly wish they could forget."

www.enchantedenvelope.com.au has charming invitations, some that has a tea bag' that actually dips in and pulls out of the teacup' held by a pink ribbon. Or go for a retro blue mixer, which will be a hit as it announces a cooking themed wedding shower, both invitations are priced at $39.95 for a pack of ten.

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