Teenage Sports Bra

Teenage Sports Bra

11 Things to Consider When Buying a Teenage Sports Bra

The life of a teenage girl can be hectic (just ask her!). The modern world puts so much pressure on young girls through social media, advertising, and a myriad of other things. Given this, the last thing a young girl should have to worry about is her breasts when exercising.

These days girls are more athletic than ever. Basketball, track, hockey, dance, soccer, etc. The sporting opportunities are almost endless. All that running, jumping, sliding, flipping, etc adds up to a whole lot of bounce!

That fact is that up to 20% of women actively avoid exercise due to their breasts and all that bounce! This figure is often higher in teenage girls. Given how important exercise is in a young woman's development, both physically and mentally, removing this barrier is important for all girls (and women!)

So, what is the solution?

I for one know the feeling. I developed young and was a D cup by the time I was thirteen. Perfect timing! At that age I could not have been more self-conscious of my chest. Add to that the un-restrained bounce created when I played sport, my sports bra wasn't much more than simply tightening my everyday bra, and I was more than happy to sit on the sidelines.

I like millions of other girls my age missed out on the benefits of exercise simply because of my breasts. It wasn't until I became an adult and did some research for myself that I realised it didn't have to be this way.

The solution I found was simple. A comfortable and supportive sports bra! Find a sports bra that removes the bounce and along with it the associated self-consciousness and you go a long way to getting young girls active again.

It is funny, when we sign our daughters up for a sport we go out and fill our trolleys with shin guards, gloves, knee pads, shoes, etc. But leave the most important item on the shelf. A great sports bra!

Why a Good Sports Bra is so Important for Young Girls

Young girls develop at different ages and all experience differing rates of breast tissue growth. As such supporting girls' breasts during sport is important. From a physical point of view. To stop the bounce and the often-associated breast pain. Also, by making girls more confident in their bodies and in themselves.

A good sports bra will help protect their developing breast tissue. Breasts can be sensitive at the best of times, but this can become more apparent during puberty. Reducing any external strain placed on the developing breasts by wearing a sports bra during activity will help protect them.

The greater support offered by a sports bra will also help reduce breast tenderness many girls experience throughout the day. Many associate sports bras with activity only but many modern sports bras are designed so well that they can be used to support developing breasts throughout the day. Not just on the sporting field.

Most importantly a good sports bra can improve a young girls confidence getting her active in the first place. But also, by improving sporting performance. It is much easier to focus on your game when your chest is under control!

What to Consider When Buying a Teenage Sports Bra

1. Support! This is the whole purpose of the exercise to support her breasts. Match the support of the sports bra to your teen's activity. If she is participating in high impact sports such as running or basketball, get her a high impact sports bra. If in doubt go up an impact level to ensure she has the support, she needs.
2. Comfort! Her sports bra has to be comfortable or she won't wear it. Look for smooth styles made from soft materials. Growing breasts can be easily irritated so the sports bra you chose should remove any irritation.
3. It is recommended that developing teenagers wear only wirefree sports bras. Studies have shown these are better for developing breasts. Also, underwired sports bras are designed to fit snugly, and many teens find the fitted underwire too uncomfortable.
4. Look for a sports bra with adjustable shoulder straps. A teenage girl's body is usually smaller framed. Adjustable straps will ensure a better fit.
5. Many girls are self-conscious about their changing bodies and prefer a sports bra with lining or light modesty padding.
6. If this padding is removable it can be helpful if one breast is bigger than the other. This is very common in developing teenagers.
7. Help her measure herself at home. Many teenagers feel uncomfortable being measured in a bra shop so take the time to accurately measure her before you go shopping.
8. A young girl's menstrual cycle can cause her breasts to change in size and shape. As such many girls need different styles and sizes of sports bra at different times of their cycle.
9. Many teenagers prefer crop top style sports bras. These are a great option for smaller breasts as they offer support with room to grow.
10. If you have a teenager who is active all day not just when playing sport, it may be best to find a suitable sports bra that can be worn all day. Modern sports bras are often much more comfortable making this an easy task.
11. Once you find a sports bra, she loves…buy several. This allows rotation between activities and the washing basket.

In Conclusion

Us active ladies know that finding the perfect sports bra is like searching for your soulmate. You know they are out there, but it often takes time to find them. It is no different for our teenage daughters.

We have established a good sports bra is a must for active teens and we now know what to look for. But where to look? Many shops have a limited range of styles and sizes. As such, you run the risk of having to settle for something not quite right.

Luckily stores such as sportsbrasdirect.com.au have done a lot of the hard work for you. They have loads of information to help you with your buying decision and even have a dedicated category for teenage sports bras. Giving you a great place to start your search. Happy shopping!