Twilight Review

Twilight Review
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Billy Burke, Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli, Cam Gigandet
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Screenplay: Melissa Rosenberg (Screenplay), Stephanie Meyer (novel)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Thriller, Romance
Rated: M Supernatural themes and violence
Running Time: 121 Minutes

When You Can Live Forever What Do You Live For?

Twilight is an action-packed, modern-day love story between a teenage girl and a vampire. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) has always been a little bit different, never caring about fitting in with the trendy girls at her high school. She meets the mysterious and dazzlingly beautiful Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a boy unlike any she's ever met. Edward is a vampire, but he doesn't have fangs and his family is unique in that they choose not to drink human blood. Intelligent and witty, Edward sees straight into Bella's soul. Soon, they are swept up in a passionate, thrilling and unorthodox romance. To Edward, Bella is what he has waited 90 years for - a soul mate.

My Verdict:
After her mother remarries, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) moves from Phoenix, Arizona to live with her Sheriff father, in the wet, cold and greyness of Forks, Washington. Attending the local high school, Bella notices the mysterious Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and discovers there is far more to him than any other person she has met. Drawn to him by a strong desire, she discovers Edward is in fact a vampire and that he too is drawn to her, so much that their strong will won't be enough to keep them apart placing both of them in danger. From the best-selling novel by Stephanie Meyer, Twilight is a different take on forbidden teenage love when Bella falls for Edward, a vampire who feels the same.

Kristen Stewart successfully transfers to the screen the character of Bella as a 'normal' teenager whose life has those moments of fear and confusion. The first half of the movie is spent with Bella not really knowing her emotionally distant father, so she has to find her place with him as well as learning to fit back in to Forks where she spent her early childhood, whilst confused about her feelings for Edward. As her relationship with Edward shifts to the next level, the movie takes off with some badly needed action and the supernatural theme really kicks in. This initial getting-to-know-you scenario is necessary but far too long and drawn out almost to the point of frustration when you know there are going to be some special effects that highlight just what it really means to be a vampire. After being teased in an early scene by some special effects when Edward saves Bella from an out of control car that is headed for her, you know there is more to come, but the wait is too long.

As Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson looks the part with a spooky, mysterious presence, thanks to some very pale skin, dark eyes (courtesy of contact lenses) and a personality that says "I'm different". His family are all included and they each present their own unique trait, which lends to more special effects, especially when some rogue vampires enter the story and cause conflict, in particular, James, who takes a liking to Bella and insists she must be his next meal. They also give a whole new meaning to a friendly game of baseball.

Twilight will certainly please the target audience but it might not have enough for some older, more hard-core fantasy/supernatural fans who could probably live without so much of the romantic fairy-tale. Brokering deals with the 'baddies' just by conversation might not be enough when actions speak louder and Twilight does rely heavily on the art of dialogue. Not enough time is devoted to the sub-plot of the legend surrounding the presence of the Cullen's in Forks, as well as the trade-off with the local Indians but this may have extended the running time too far and besides, why not leave that for another movie?

Twilight is still very easy to watch without ever taxing the grey matter and is very light, soft and fluffy as far as vampire movies go - this is not a dark, gory bloodfest. It's not great but it's not bad either.

Rating : ***

Christina Bruce

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