Unconventional Engagement Rings For Women In 2023

Unconventional Engagement Rings For Women In 2023

Trends in Australian fashion come and go, encompassing not just the clothing industry but even the jewellery sector. 

Some women love classic and timeless pieces, while others love to take on a unique sense of style. They don't like to swim with the tide but rather stand out, developing their style. For those types of women, an unusual engagement ring will surely bring a big smile to their face and their hearts. Many have become very quickly smitten with coloured gemstones and intricate designs for that ring they'll be wearing almost every day, alongside the wedding ring.  

If you're planning to ask for your love's hand in marriage soon, or you're going through this, dreaming of your engagement rings, you've come to the right place. We have something new for you by gearing away from the usual engagement rings and leaning more toward some unique and unconventional styles from Anania Jewellers in Sydney and nearby, among others, to get inspiration from. 

Classic Styles With A Twist 

Being after a distinctive engagement ring style doesn't mean you have to look far. You can start with classic styles, like the princess cut or solitaire. To make it more unique, that's where you can switch the usual diamond and replace it with another gemstone. 

There are so many precious coloured stones to choose from. A good place to start is to consider your loved one's birthstone. Or, you can also opt for their favourite colour. For instance, some girls are obsessed with pink so that a pink-coloured engagement band won't fail. 

Fancy Shapes 

Without a doubt, a perfectly rounded diamond ring is a classic and timeless piece. But if you're looking for something different, you can opt for other stone shapes. There's oval if you still want something rounded. Square-shaped stones are beautiful, too. A cushion cut is a good choice to soften the square shape and make it even more feminine. An emerald-cut diamond, complete with all its linear facets, give it a bold and geometric look. 

Discuss shape with your chosen jeweller, as they can help figure out the type of shape you're after. Moreover, a good one can also help you make the right choice based on the recipient's finger and hand shape and size, to name a few factors. 


New Diversions Of The Solitaire 

The solitaire cut has been popular for quite some time, but this doesn't mean you can't put a unique twist to it. Solitaires need not be boring when you tweak their style by adding intricate baskets or an under-gallery for the main ring. 

For example, you can have a filigree basket style for a solitaire ring to have one that stands out from the usual. Or, if you want more diamonds, you can opt for a row of diamonds at the base of the ring's head. 

Bezel Set Engagement Ring 

Do you want to channel the inner Lily Collins in you? The bezel set for engagement rings dates back hundreds of years. Yet it's only been recently that it earned the spotlight again, thanks to Lily Collin's one-of-a-kind engagement ring. 

The bezel setting is characterized by having that extra layer of metal that encloses the gemstone or diamond. It has a more vintage vibe to it. Likewise, beyond the style, bezel set engagement rings are very practical as well, particularly for those who are always on the go. The metal encasing holds the stone more securely, reducing the likelihood of causing damage to the main stone. 


Estate And Antique Rings 

An estate or antique engagement ring would be well-received by the vintage and antique lover. These are great for non-traditional brides, given how these rings have less-common diamond cuts. Moreover, antique rings come with more unique designs and details. 

Many jewellery sellers may have a few antique or vintage options. Or, perhaps you have an heirloom piece from your mother or grandmother that now they're willing to pass on to you. 

Antique rings are also very special, as there's no way to compare the craftsmanship that came into ensuring each piece is as detailed as it can be in comparison with the mass-produced rings of today. There'll be time and attention to detail that makes the ring even more special.  


Pearl Ring 

Women love jewellery, yet you don't always find someone who likes to have pearls on their engagement ring. It's unique but also timeless and elegant. The only caveat with pearl rings, nonetheless, is that pearl is extremely delicate when cleaning. If you wear your engagement ring daily, you must be prepared for frequent trips to the jeweller. 


Saying 'I Do' Has Never Been This Stylish 

While diamonds are a girl's best friend, this isn't to say that there isn't any room for other types of gemstones and styles to suit every girl on the table. With a good jeweller, you can create a design that'll make your engagement ring stand out. As you can see, the best engagement ring doesn't have to be the most expensive one there is. Rather, it's more about presenting your loved one with that ring where their personality and sense of style are considered too.



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