Top Creative Wedding Gifts For Parents From The Newlyweds

Top Creative Wedding Gifts For Parents From The Newlyweds

Wedding gift ideas for parents from newlyweds

●      A touching or funny film specially made for this day or made up of photographs or videos of young people in childhood and adolescence. Parents should participate in these videos. To create one, use intuitive desktop software like a video editor by Movavi and Shotcut or accessible online tools like WeVideo and Clipchamp. The list is almost endless, so see what suits you best.

●      Real family tree. This gift will require a lot of preparation and collecting data about relatives, but it's worth it.

●      A box or casket with wishes written on separate sheets of paper for parents or your bright and warm memories from childhood.

●      A bespoke illustration of a family, significant event, or place.

●      A family photo book. Create it yourself using a top-notch photo editor.

●      Wedding photo of the newlyweds. Photographers can quickly take a portrait photo of the heroes of the occasion, insert it into a frame and add the inscription: "We solemnly swear to you to be happy!". An unexpected surprise will delight parents. Read the tips on how to pose for a wedding photo and take care of neat makeup (this is advice not only for the bride but also for the groom – here you'll find many wedding makeup tips).

●      Calendar for the year with your joint photos – one for each month.

●      Poems in honour of the parents, written by you (or by someone who knows how to do it, but heartfelt read by you).

●      A small touching or humorous performance from a newly minted family.

●      A bottle of good wine with an agreement to open it for a specific occasion (e.g., the birth of a child, your wedding anniversary, etc.)

●      Jewellery. A great gift idea for newlyweds to parents is to give mothers pendants engraved with your initials and wedding ceremony date, and cufflinks to fathers.

●      Your children's drawings that are transferred to canvas to hang on the wall.

●      Pair of cups. You can also make memorable inscriptions or place a photo.

●      Cosy items for the home of good quality – soft blankets, woollen blankets, engraved wooden cutting board, etc.

●      Photoshoot certificate. A joint photo shoot in the studio will allow you to have a good time, and then enjoy the beautiful pictures.

●      A home tree that needs to be cared for and watered the way you would care for your new family.

●      Joint trip.

●      A chic flower arrangement for moms, a collection of wedding wine for dads.

Simple gifts rules at the wedding

First, we should say that the tradition of giving something to parents on marriage day is a little outdated; therefore it's not mandatory. But if you still want to please dear people, keep in mind that:

Rule #1. Gifts to the parents of the bride and groom should be equivalent. Moreover, it's unacceptable when the parents of one side receive something, while the other does not. This is pretty impolite.


Rule #2. Don't give gifts for a show, as well as don't give anything banal and useless. This is the case when it must be done with a soul, or not done at all. So take care of the gift in advance, so you have time to make some adjustments, just in case. Put this task in your wedding planner.


Rule #3. Gifts shouldn't be expensive, let them mean something to parents, evoking pleasant memories or being associated with family comfort.


Rule #4. Don't give gifts that can cause discord in the family. If the father-in-law likes to disappear fishing, and the wife, to put it mildly, doesn't like it too much, then it is better not to give him a fishing rod or other fishing accessories. This can cause a fight when he wants to try out the gift.


Rule #5. Try to avoid gifts in the form of pots and pans. Firstly, by the time the children have grown up, there are enough kitchen utensils on both sides, and secondly, there is no need to emphasize once again that a woman's place is in the kitchen. But a set for drinking tea at home will come in handy.


Make sure that the gift is accompanied by the right atmosphere: draw the attention of the guests to what is happening so that they don't talk, and ask the DJ to put on touching music. If the time of day allows, you can dim the lighting.

Wrap up

Our moms and dads want attention for any holiday, not just for the wedding of their children, so the answer to whether the bride and groom should give gifts to their parents is unambiguous: of course, yes. When planning your wedding, remember that there should be time to express your love to them, to have time to say the most important words. Whatever the present, the best wedding gift for parents on their wedding day from the newlyweds will be more creative than material. This explains the popularity of touching ceremonies at marriages.




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