11 Tips How To Plan And Start Wedding Beauty Regimen

11 Tips How To Plan And Start Wedding Beauty Regimen

11 Tips How To Plan And Start Wedding Beauty Regimen

Before you start all of your wedding planning, it is a great idea to not leave yourself behind while considering everything else. From getting your venues and décor arranged, to your wedding dress and bride to be box, it is easy to forget that you need care too. Your beauty regimen needs to be looked into and we have the bridal tips to help.

A makeover for your hair, skin and nails is the best gift to yourself during this wedding planning period. An overall beauty regimen is the most rewarding type of self-care at a time that can be quite stressful for a bride to be. There are lots of tips to help you to reach your beauty goals, along with bridal subscriptions like the Miss to Mrs box that provides you with the tools that you need.

Allow us show you our tips to help you create the wedding beauty plan with the most gorgeous results.

1. Bridal boxes
A bride box is this genius item that every bride to be needs when planning for a wedding. They have exactly what you need for every stage in your wedding planning, right up to the wedding day. If you are considering a beauty regimen, then consider a bride subscription box that is a one stop shop for all things bridal. The miss to mrs bridal box can fit into any bridal beauty timeline that you have. Asides from items related to wedding and wedding planning, the miss to mrs bridal box has beauty and relaxation products to help you and your beauty regimen on your way to the aisle.

Customized especially for brides and weddings, this wedding subscription box is the one for you. It comes with makeup and beauty products as well as luxurious spa relaxation kits that you will need for your beauty makeover. The miss to mrs bride box should definitely be top on your list for bridal box subscriptions that can get you through the ultimate bridal beauty plan.

2. Manage stress for better skin
Quite a number of skin conditions are caused by stress. So, it goes without saying, that if you want beautiful skin, part of your wedding skin preparation would be to find ways to de-stress in the middle of all the planning activities. You need to chill out, sleep as much as possible, and possibly take up yoga, for a calmer mind, and healthier skin.

3. Get a facial
Meet up with your dermatologist to discuss your skin goals, and to find out the things you need to improve. Also, find a good aesthetician that can give you regular facials, all up to your big day. You need your skin in tip top shape, as it is the foundation for every other beauty regimen you might employ.

4. Consider smoothies and juices over wine
Your skin needs hydration, and vino is a dehydrator. So, this is a good time to ditch the wines for juices and smoothies that will no doubt help your skin. Fruits and leafy greens contain the vitamins needed to give you that glow you desperately need for your big day.

5. Consider laser hair removal
Another form of pre-wedding skincare is hair removal. If you can, treat yourself to laser hair removal for more glowing legs, arms and face. If you have the time, plan at least 9 to 12 months before the wedding, and with up to 6 sessions, you should see permanent results.

6. Use a humidifier

Lack of moisture in the air and cold temperatures can also result in a number of skin reactions. For better results, you can remember to exfoliate as much as possible to scrub off dead skin cells. You can also introduce moisture into the air with a humidifier.

7. Hands and nails
Your hands and nails need hydration just as much as your skin. So, oil your hands as much as possible. Dry hands and nails become brittle and they lead to chips and cracks, which you do not want at such an important time. Keep your hands moisturized and apply oil to every nail before you go to bed every night for more beautiful nails and fingers.

8. Keratin treatment
Heat and hair straighteners do a lot of damage to our hair over time. So, no doubt your hair will need some pampering too to get it in tip top shape for your wedding. Part of your pre-wedding beauty regimen for your hair should include keratin treatment for healthier hair. Be sure to start out months in advance for better results.

9. Personalize your hair style
For a truly timeless style, look to personalizing whatever hairstyle you choose. You do not have to do whatever everyone else is doing or go along with a trend. Finding the style that you want and making it uniquely yours can transform you into the queen that you are for your special day.

10. Consider your makeup
Don't go out of your way to do something you wouldn't ordinarily do. You need to be comfortable while looking fabulous at the same time. Wear what you would normally wear, but just add some refinement to it. For instance, you could replace mascara with false lashes. Those won't need to be retouched the whole day, so they are a great option.

11. Visit the dentist
This will be a good time to visit your dentist for whitening, tooth aligners, cleaning and anything else that will brighten your smile. A wedding beauty plan would be a great smile that will make for a better look overall, and great pictures.

With these bridal tips on wedding beauty prep, you should be able to achieve your goals for your skin, hair and more before your big day.

Author: Kate Motina
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