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Yoga As Part Of School Curriculum

Yoga As Part Of School Curriculum

Yoga has long been known for the benefits it provides for both the mind and body and in 2015 the practice isn't just transforming and invigorating adults.


Thanks to Yoga Australia's Yoga in schools subcommittee, there will be a push for yoga to become part of the Australian curriculum. Following a recent survey*, it has been proven that children who practise Yoga and meditation on a regular basis benefit in their studies, social settings as well as improved over-all body awareness and confidence.


Chair of the Yoga Australia Yoga in Schools subcommittee, Deb Roberts PhD says, 'Kids go through a whirlwind of change and growth. Today, schools are increasingly being required to measure how they educate the -whole' child, emotionally, socially and academically. We believe the addition of Yoga to the curriculum would significantly increase results in each area.


'The great thing about Yoga is that it can be practiced by anyone at any age and has many great benefits. When thinking about kids specifically, we want to make sure that they are enjoying the practice but also practicing in a safe manner under the guidance of a qualified and registered teacher," expressed Deb.


The survey conducted by Yoga Australia found that 87 per cent of students deemed relaxation through yoga as most beneficial from the practice, followed by 71 per cent of students enjoying the physical aspect through movements and postures.


'Yoga practice gives focus, clarity and stillness for a restless and distracted mind. This can also have a positive effect on academic performance," says Deb.


Yoga Australia is working towards a holistic approach to help empower children in all aspects of their lives. They have improved the Yoga for Children standards to reflect the needs of school-aged children in Australia.


Yoga Australia advocates the highest standard for teachers to teach in schools and ensure all children are safe. Yoga Australia is recognised as the industry peak body for yoga in Australia and has the highest teaching standards anywhere in the world. The primary mission of the organisation is to develop and promote best practice for Yoga teaching, to support and represent Australian teachers from all styles and traditions and to educate and inform the general public and professional community about the benefits of Yoga.


For further information regarding Yoga Australia, or to find a registered teacher visit:



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