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Connected: The Cyber Bullying Musical

Connected: The Cyber Bullying Musical

Snapchat – Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. WhatsApp. Messenger. YouTube. Students are always Connected.


Connected is a new Australian musical by Craig Christie written specifically for today's students as a way of highlighting the issues and effects surrounding cyber bullying. It is intended to stimulate discussion and showcase the sometimes unintended consequences of cyber activities.  Connected premiered at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and this all new Australian production was launched in Sydney on 24th November, 2014 at a special cyber safety event for teachers, students, parents and industry.  Connected will tour NSW schools throughout 2015. 


Connected is an exciting and engaging theatrical production that uses an energetic, fast paced narrative and an edgy original contemporary musical soundtrack to demonstrate in live action what the consequences of cyber bullying can be, rather than just being an instructive program. Often kids think they are just being funny, not realising the unintended consequences.  Peer pressure usually plays a huge role as well.  All these themes are covered in the show.


Creator and former teacher Craig Christie wrote Connected after the daughter of a friend was involved in a cyber-bullying incident. The script and story is frighteningly relevant. He hopes it will 'make some impact in teaching people everywhere how to be kinder and more responsible cyber citizens."


We know that at least 1 in 5 children are or have been the target of a cyberbully and it is estimated that some 463,000 young Australians were targeted by cyberbullies in 2013. Students who are bullied suffer from higher rates of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, reduced concentration and helplessness.  It is also a contributory factor in youth suicide. Studies commissioned by the Australian Federal Government acknowledge that the best form of addressing the issues surrounding cyberbullying amongst youth is via the school environment. Connected is a memorable and powerful method to achieve this awareness in the school environment and educate Australia's youth about being cyber smart and staying safe online


Dr Rachael Murrihy, Senior Clinical Psychologist at UTS explains - 'This play is written for young people, and acted by young people, to highlight how small, seemingly frivolous actions, can translate into devastating effects on the person being cyber bullied. Ultimately this play seeks to generate discussion about the social mores of our new, exciting electronic world."


Connected from Origin On Stage in association with Theatre One Productions is now open for bookings for in-school performances and special student/parent performances. These performances will start the conversation – as attendees are encouraged to continue the discourse with frank discussions about safe, responsible and smart online behaviour.


Schools can book their preferred dates by downloading the booking form via


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