Abby Kheir

Abby Kheir

Meet the multi-millionaire owner of Abyss By Abby

From Sydney to Hollywood, Australian Designer Abby Kheir has turned affordable sexiness into a multimillion-pound business – the definition of a true lady boss.

Having dress the Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Sofia Richie and many others, her sleek and chic brand Abyss By Abby has become a fashion's hottest property.

Her passion begun at the age of 21 where she opened up my first retail women's store, stocking all major labels local and international. After 15 successful years and having Abyss By Abby stores around the world, Abby got restless. 'Working to just make money wasn't fun anymore for me... I wanted more. I self-taught myself the whole design process".

"I started designing sexy cocktail dresses inspired by lingerie. Consumers didn't get it at first, PR agents didn't want to work with me. Thought it too sexy and the models I used where to real for them, for my first photo shoot I used four real girls of all shapes and sizes. That didn't sit right with them. (Instagram wasn't huge yet, so no one got my vision.) 'Do another shoot with real models and come back and see us they said.' But no I stuck to what I wanted and believed would work and it worked!"

How would she define the Abyss By Abby woman? 'Sexy, confident a women that wants to be the centre of attention and owns it.'