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Amanda Bisk Blackmores Australian Open Interview

Amanda Bisk Blackmores Australian Open Interview

Amanda Bisk, is a former Australian Pole Vaulter, Qualified Exercise Physiologist and Elite Athletics coach. Born and raised in Perth, Bisk took up pole vaulting which landed her a position the Commonwealth Games team, which competed in New Delhi in 2010 – she placed 6th. Currently, Amanda is dedicated to helping others achieve their full potential by developing body, fit mind training programmes and motivation guides for the online fitness community. Now, as a key influencer for Blackmores during the Australian Open, Amanda is encouraging Australians to take charge of their wellbeing, by assessing their health with the Blackmores Wellbeing Check, pledge their wellbeing goals for 2016 with #IWillBe on social media.

Question: What inspired you to partner with Blackmores and the Australian Open?

Amanda Bisk: I love what we can learn from the players. I think top players have a lot of confidence in themselves and that's inspiring. They really commit to their abilities 100%, through their wins and losses. They know that if they have a bad day, it's just a bad day. They're back tomorrow trying again. Success takes time. It's something a lot of us don't see in ourselves, but we need to! You are capable of anything you dream to achieve; you just need to have the utmost faith in yourself and your ability.

Question: What tips can you offer to deal with stress and a lack of motivation/energy?

Amanda Bisk: You really need time to slow down and do something relaxing that you love. For me, that is yoga, but you could read, meditate, paint, draw, play a game of chess, or just go for a walk outside amongst nature.

This kind of time lets our brain rewire, and helps us find a fresh spark to get back into routine. When I need extra motivation, I always think about -why' I am doing what I'm doing (ie. Why am I working out, why do I want to do well in school/work etc). When you redefine WHY you are putting in effort to achieve something, it definitely gives you a lot more dive to stick to it and not give up!

Question: Can you share with us your go-to health smoothie recipe?

Amanda Bisk: Keeping in theme with the Australian Open - I call this one the Cannonball Cacao Clash:

1 tbls Blackmores Single Origin Cacao + Nature Boost Prebiotics
1 x frozen banana
2 x medjool dates
50 ml coconut Milk
200ml coconut Water
100ml almond Milk
½ cup ice

Serve with shredded coconut, sprigs of fresh mint and fruit skewers of dates, banana and blackberry and bliss ball pop (on skewer).

Question: Can you tell us about the new range from Blackmores?

Amanda Bisk: Blackmores Superfoods + Nature Boost range has been designed to support nutrient intake from food and provide nutrients to nourish the body. Blackmores Superfoods combine natural superfoods with Blackmores Nature Boost – concentrated vitamins and nutrients, extracted from nature to further enhance the superfoods existing nutritional content. What separates these products is the -Nature Boost' injection – ingredients derived from natural sources containing nutrients such as vitamin C, antioxidants and magnesium!

Question: Which superfoods do you eat and why?

Amanda Bisk: I love smoothie bowls!

I usually blend frozen banana, berries, mango, Blackmores Wild Blueberry Blend from their Superfoods range and coconut milk then sprinkle granola with nuts and chia seeds. I usually cut up some strawberries and mango to put on top too!

Question: What advice do you have for Australians looking at making 2016 their healthiest year, yet?

Amanda Bisk: Move your body, feed it amazing healthy food, Make time to distress and clear your mind.

These are the 3 things that I live by everyday and will be the foundation for a brilliant year ahead. The important thing to remember is that our lifestyle is what we create with our daily habits (not what we do every once in a while).

Little positive steps each day is all it takes. You don't need to have a complete life overhaul! If you take the dog for a walk, have one healthy meal, and make some time to have a 10min stretch or read your favourite book…that's perfect. Your little daily efforts build up.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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