Anyone for Marryoke

Anyone for Marryoke

Anyone for Marryoke? Is this the new bridal trend about to take Australia by storm?

We've had dancing wedding processionals and couples learning a specially choreographed dance routine for their first dance, but now a new trend has emerged. Not for the faint hearted but guaranteed to inject some life and fun into your Wedding, Marryoke is where Karaoke meets your Wedding Video.

Simply, Marryoke is where the bride and groom choose a song to perform (ideally one featuring a duet between a guy and girl) where they star in the leading roles and their guests as the chorus. In this version of Karaoke all participants are actually miming along to the backing track rather than singing, so the real magic happens when the cast get into the swing of playing characters. Think 'Summer Lovin' from 'Grease' and you will get the picture. Generally the chosen song is played several times during the course of the wedding day in different settings and then the film production company edit where necessary to make it look as though the bride and groom are starring in their very own Broadway musical extravaganza.

Kylie Carlson, who runs the Australian Academy of Wedding and Event Planning, had this to say about the new trend. "Personally, I think this is a great option for those that want to add a point of difference to their wedding. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but what a great thing to show the grand kids when you're are old and grey."

Marryoke won't be the only Wedding trend to hit our shores this year, but it might well be the most fun. Each season sees a 'hot' new trend in Weddings and a rush of brides trying to be the first to feature the latest trend at their own Weddings. So are we about to see a rush of Aussie brides all clamouring to be the first to try this new trend?

Kylie Carlson had this to say. "Early indications show that this will be very popular once word gets out. At the Academy we try to stay ahead of the game and spend many hours researching what's hot and what's not from all around the globe. Our Wedding Planners are trained to be ahead of the pack so we can ensure that Australia doesn't get left behind. I think this latest trend will be one that the Aussies will embrace and really enjoy."

So watch out when you receive your next wedding invitation, it might involve a little bit more than you think.

To see an example of Marryoke in action follow this link