Ashley Kutcher The Night You Left

Ashley Kutcher The Night You Left

Rising pop star Ashley Kutcher unveils her stunning new track "The Night You Left" - available now via Darkroom / Interscope Records. Ashley is known to draw inspirations for her music from the things she experienced herself. In this track, Ashley's vocal melodies combined with the emotions she poured into the track brings us into her heartbreaking bittersweet story and wishes it ended differently.

The emotional track starts with the lyrics, "Time stood still, when the door closed, I told you to go. Waited till you got down the road and that's when I broke," which takes us to the most vulnerable moment where we tried to stay strong and chose to let our emotions and feelings out when the other person can no longer hear us. "This song embodies all the emotions I felt when I knew it was over. I don't remember the day that you walked into my life, but I'll always clearly remember the night you walked out of it," says Ashley.

"The Night You Left" embodies all of the emotions she felt when she knew it was over. To allude to the moment when she wrote the song, she has recorded a live music performance of the new single in a beautifully designed bathroom.

Ashley Kutcher has also announced her EP One Eighty will be released on November 19th. Speaking on the EP, Ashley said, "I think it all started the night you left. Music was always a part of my life, but it wasn't until this moment of true heartbreak that I had ever finished a song. I felt broken. It's crazy how easily two people can just go back to being strangers. It's also crazy what infatuation can do to your mind. Even though I felt you pull away, I still thought I could care enough for two. While you moved on, I wrote. I wrote about how you were my favorite "what-if?" I questioned it all. What if I didn't screw us up? What if I tried harder? Sometimes you'd call, but I realized it was only when you're not okay

So my life went on without you, in fact it went on without a lot of people. So I kept writing, first about you, but then not about you. I was in a period of transition, realizing who my real friends were, and who clearly were not [mhm fake bitches]. Together, my best friends and I have experienced love, fun, tragedy, heartbreak, and everything in between. If I could, I would give them the world. These are the people who have been there for me as my life has taken a complete one-eighty. These songs tell a story. These songs have helped me get through. I thank everyone who has inspired me to write -- you know who you are. Love you (from a distance)."

"The Night You Left" follows Ashley's previous releases from her upcoming EP, confessional track "Favorite What If" and her love letter to the haters "Fake Bitches." Both tracks combined have amassed over 5 million global streams across platforms, since its releases earlier this year. Ashley has also received multiple coverages from BBC Radio 1 throughout her musical career, and her first live TV performance on Canada's Breakfast Television in June this year. Ashley's breakout song, "Love You From A Distance," has over 66 million audio and video streams combined, and received key playlists on Spotify on Pop Rising, Fresh & Chill, Alone Again, and Pop Sauce.

Ashley credited her family for introducing her to music, and grew up listening to all genres. As she got older, she started going to live music events and festivals, where she drew music influences from Billy Joel, Lennon Stella, John Mayer, and The 1975 to name a few. Before deciding to pursue a career in music, Ashley was studying to be a nurse at Towson University. Maybe it was fate that a video of Ashley singing was seen by a local bar at Towson, who then invited her to perform regular sets. This prompted Ashley to start working on her music, and she uploaded one of her demos, "Lust" to TikTok, which garnered over thousands of views in just 48 hours. Her momentum was followed up by two more demos, "Hands to Myself" and "HMU If U Don't Like Me' which quickly racked over 1 million streams each on Spotify.

The Baltimore native ticks all the boxes. With 171K TikTok followers under her belt, a stunning voice, authenticity, a nursing degree behind her name, and she is currently putting all her focus and songwriting skills on her debut EP, which is scheduled to be released later this year. It is no surprise that Ashley is currently standing under a spotlight for the newcomers in pop music and is certainly the one you want to keep an eye on.