Beauté Pacifique Skincare Review

Beauté Pacifique Skincare Review

Dry skin? May the D-Force be with you

It's the year of supple skin, and while most of us have our skincare routine down pat, we're still skipping out on the beloved bod.

Luckily, we're giving regular body moisturiser the flick and introducing D-Force Moisturising Body Creme – an anti-ageing product created by famous Danish skincare brand, Beauté Pacifique. Well-known for its revolutionary formulas, Beauté Pacifique's skincare range is proven to significantly rejuvenate using ingredients to benefit and support the skin's health.

The reason behind the creation of this luxurious and potent body moisturiser? People worldwide suffering from a lack of Vitamin D.

Beauté Pacifique's National Training Manager Cherie Harkin says D-Force Moisturising Body Creme is everything that you could ask for in a body product.

"What makes this more powerful than the average body moisturiser is its ingredients. We've managed to create a formula that's fragrance free, hydrating and easily absorbed, with amazing added benefits that work to not only combat ageing skin, but sun damage too.

"D-Force Moisturising Body Creme contains un-saponified avocado oil, essential to fight the signs of ageing and a rich vegetable source of Vitamin D.

"Two types of Vitamin A esters help to synthesise and renew lost collagen, while squalane's powerful anti-ageing and hydrating properties aid skin to age gracefully.

"On top of all this, Vitamin E's antioxidant properties neutralise free radicals and protect the skin, while also keeping it soft and supple – key for preventing scar formation," Cherie says.

D-Force Moisturising Body Creme 100ml jar – RRP $80.00

A super potent anti-ageing body moisture to help treat problems associated with a deficiency in Vitamin D. It rejuvenates the skin and contains two types of Vitamin A esters to fight sun damage and ageing. Two forms of Vitamin E give the skin a boost of antioxidants, and squalane penetrates the skin for intense hydration. Fragrance free.

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Review: I really love creams that are fragrance free, as they are not irritating to sensitive skin like mine.  Beaute Pacifique has a rich, luxurious and creamy texture perfect for rehydrating skin that has been dried out by harsh elements of winter; cold, wind, heating.  Give your skin the hydration it really needs to return that youthful appearance.