Ugly Beauty

Ugly Beauty

New brand, Ugly Beauty, uncovers the real 'ugly' in the industry, empowering Australians to champion their uniqueness


Sydney locals Ashleigh Potocki and Jessica Leonard are set to make waves with the launch of their empowering beauty range, Ugly Beauty. Unlike many other brands, their product range does not set out to change you, but rather empowers your individuality. 


Boasting over 22 years experience, Jessica is a beauty industry pro. A teen entrepreneur, she birthed her own brand at age 19, and now owns a renowned advanced skin and laser studio, established back in 2002. When creating Ugly Beauty, she partnered with marketing professional of 15 years, Ashleigh, to bring the brand to life. Whether you want to wear a full face of makeup or show off your natural skin, they agree there is no right or wrong, and want to encourage people to own and champion their uniqueness.


Ugly Beauty's extensive product list includes a range of skincare essentials designed to pamper your skin and elevate your self-care routine. From a gentle cleansing sponge to their range of face oils, each product is carefully formulated to enhance your natural beauty. Products are available for purchase across Australia 


Ugly Beauty's mission is to redefine conventional beauty standards, by helping people unlock the innate potential of their skin with not only their products, but through fostering self-love and acceptance. Ugly Beauty embodies a touch of playfulness, a hint of rebellion, and a profound commitment to inclusivity.


Jessica says, "Ugly Beauty embodies a new era of beauty - one that celebrates individuality and embraces diversity. Our mission is to empower everyone to love the skin they're in, without judgement or conformity. Beauty isn't about fitting into a mould; it's about breaking free from it."


Both mothers to five children, they have had the privilege of raising the future (in all its glorious diversity), and as a result they are determined to turn social media on its face, utilising it for the greater good. Unlike some big brands that rely on airbrushed models and exaggerated claims, Ugly Beauty showcases real individuals from all walks of life.


Ashleigh says, "Ugly Beauty is passionate about reframing the way people use social media. It is a privilege, not a place to be nasty because we are on a mission to uncover everyone's innate beauty, no matter how they choose to express it. We are all beautiful in whatever way we choose to express it."


Ugly Beauty invites you to join their movement and be part of a refreshing change in the beauty industry. With a strong emphasis on inclusivity, empowerment, and authenticity, they are ready to challenge the status quo and redefine traditional standards.


GET UGLY enzyme mask


Get Ugly Enzyme Mask is a powerhouse face mask that delivers instant juiciness for a rejuvenated lewk.

What does it do? She tightens. She brightens. She nourishes, and she flourishes.

BE LIPPY lip mask


The single-use juice boost. Bring forth your Big Lip Energy with this single serve (& slay) lip mask for thicc lips, quick! This nourishing jelly-feel mask will have your lips at hydration station – STAT! Be Lippy lip mask gets your kissers primed for a good time. Step aside, Get Glossed – we got here first . Get these lips ready for prime time with the Be Lippy Lip mask. Simply slap this plumping pout-primer onto clean lips for 10 – 20 minutes or until mask feels dry. For fresh, cold kissers and soothed skin, store your mask in the fridge.


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