Biorevives Dryears

Biorevives Dryears

Australian-owned natural medicine and device company, BioRevive announces its DryEars product is a highly effective alternative to hand sanitizer. The convenient spray bottle is preservative free and, it is still widely available and prevents harmful effects such as bacteria or fungal infections, and most importantly viruses.

Containing 95% Ethanol Alcohol, which is a non-toxic solution and the key ingredient in hand sanitizers as it works as an antiseptic, DryEars is a safe and effective alternative. At a time when hand sanitizer is near impossible to find Australia-wide, BioRevive is proud to offer a natural solution for all Australians.

While alcohol concertation above 60% is deemed suitable for retail hand sanitizers, at 95%, ethanol covers the majority of clinically relevant viruses (including coronaviruses) and additional acids can further improve the viricidal/anti-viral activity.

Alongside the Ethanol Alcohol, DryEars also contains glycerol, acetic acid and spearmint oil, all essential ingredients. Acetic acids helps to stop the growth of bacteria and fungus, whilst spearmint oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help kill bacteria.

BioRevive believes that everyone deserves to access to non-toxic and effective products during a time when health and hygiene is crucial. With a significant increase in the demand for hand sanitiser, DryEars' user-friendly spray has since become one of the brands most requested product innovations to date.

In addition to being a safe alternative, DryEars is fast acting, easy to use and boasts a pleasant scent, allowing all Australians to maintain a happy, active and healthy life albeit in social isolation.

For almost two decades, the Australian family business has been creating and distributing a range of effective solutions to everyday problems. With innovation at the core of the BioRevive business, the team is always on the lookout for new ways of doing thinks and love hunting for new, natural solutions to enable healthier lives.

Available in a convenient 30ml bottle, DryEars is an easy and must-have addition to your handbag. BioRevive's DryEars spray is now available online at and at Chemist Warehouse stores nationally for RRP $13.90. One bottle contains approx. 150 sprays