California Girls Out The Door

California Girls Out The Door

California Girls today shares a new single 'Out The Door', the third to be lifted from his forthcoming album 'Beat Boy', out August 21st via Dero Arcade.


Speaking to Weirdo Wasteland, who premiered the track yesterday, Gus describes 'Out The Door' as;


"the perfect example of this album, where I tried to just make normal pop music... but I'm so hyperactive and get so excited that they always end up way more extreme than I realise. 


Lyrically it was a similar thing where I was feeling quite hurt and insecure in this romantic moment so I wanted to make this pop song where I could inhabit this pop-star version of myself."


Weirdo Wasteland speaks of the California Girls project as "charting the murky and strobe-lit terrain of life, love and dance clubs, documenting both the ecstatic release of shared movement and the crushing pressure of loneliness that is experienced at the heart of the rhythmic swell."


Working between pop, club music and post-punk, California Girls has been operating from his hometown in Canberra since 2014, before moving to Sydney at the end of 2019. His debut album Desire (2016, Moontown Records) came to terms with the complexities of romance through contemporary synth pop. With his upcoming second album Beat Boy, California Girls' new music uses pop approaches to dissect emotional and theoretical ideas of being, highlighted on his first single release from this record, Give Me Everything (produced by William Sneddon) as well as his follow-up track Small Birds.


Beat Boy is loosely built around the performances of identity and sex, which California Girls attempts to play out through a pop framework. California Girls isn't pop music, but it references that vocabulary within its own expansive, punk approaches. California Girls is electronic music; intense, dance-able and mechanic, with vocals that move from soaring autotune, to moans, to yells. These shifting textures align with the personal narratives and lived experiences that drive California Girls' lyrics.


Beat Boy will be released through Dero Arcade on August 21st. 'Out The Door' is out now!