Riding In Cars With Boys

Riding In Cars With Boys

Starring: Drew Barrymore, Brittany Murphy, James Woods, Steve Zahn, Lorraine Bracco

Directed by: Penny Marshall

Produced by: James L. Brooks, Laurence Mark, Sara Colleton, Richard Sakai, Julie Ansell

Written by: Morgan Upton Ward, Morgan Ward

Genre: Comedy


Drew Barrymore plays Beverly, a woman who had grand dreams as a teenager only to find them derailed by her weakness for boys, which resulted in an accidental pregnancy.

As she grows up and raises her young son, she tries to come to terms with how her life has gone so far while reluctantly discovering how to be a mother. She struggles with her identity, her relationships and her goals, and eventually she finds the strength to pursue her dreams.

This is well worth a watch and is guaranteed to make you laugh as well as pull on those heartstrings.

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