Eloïse Panetta Bridgerton Style

Eloïse Panetta Bridgerton Style

In an era of environmentally-damaging fast-fashion, the slow art of artisanal craftsmanship has become even more precious. With values of transparency and ethical production at the core of the brand's ethos, Sydney's own Eloïse Panetta creates unique botanically-dyed womenswear, accessories, and homewares.


At the helm of the brand is Eloïse herself. From selecting blooms at the crack of dawn at the flower markets to hand-dying fabrics and stitching together garments, Eloïse handles all aspects of bringing her designs to life.


"The natural world has always been an enormous source of creative inspiration for me. Through my bespoke silk collection, I wanted to celebrate all that inspires me in nature," says Eloïse.


"In creating my designs, it was of utmost importance to me to ensure that everything is done in an ethical, sustainable and mindful manner here in Sydney. The effects of fast-fashion on the environment have been disastrous. It's time we brought our focus back to production processes that don't damage the earth."


The Eloïse Panetta range evokes a timeless sense of femininity and elegance featuring a neutral colour palette punctuated by the tones of soft, blushing florals. Eloïse dyes the fabrics by hand using flowers and eucalyptus leaves. She treats the silks using a range of methods with the end result featuring artful, abstract designs, or floral shapes in an ode to the petals used in the dying process.


Eloïse's one-of-a-kind garments are produced made-to-order however she does also offer a selection of styles which can be purchased 'off-the-rack' from the Eloïse Panetta flagship store on George Street in The Rocks. Eloïse's signature silk clothing range features stylish camisoles, slip dresses, flowing skirts and collared blouses with delicate stitching.


Amongst the fashion, you will also find a selection of gorgeous silk hair accessories and pillowslips. Beauty aficionados will be keen to note that the benefits of using silk for these designs are two-fold. Besides being beautiful to look at, silk scrunchies care for the hair and do not damage strands like traditional hair ties. Meanwhile, silk pillow slips are much softer on the skin and hair than cotton or other blends and are said to help prevent fine lines and frizzy hair.


The Eloïse Panetta range is available in-store at the Sydney flagship store at 141 George St, The Rocks, and online now. To purchase, or for further information, please visit eloisepanetta.com | @eloisepanetta