Capricorn's Horoscopes |



Born between: Dec 22nd - Jan 19th

Highly intelligent and organised, the Capricorn star sign often relates to characterises of perseverance and planning. Capricorns need to be careful to not take on too many of other people's problems on top of their own.

Your finances need careful attention, particularly if you've been ignoring them recently. Grit your teeth and sort things out properly, especially if that means paying a few bills or ridding yourself of some unhelpful financial habits. If you've overspent this month you'll now have to face the music and decide on your best course of action. Harmonious colors are cream and peach. Lucky numbers are 10 and 45.
Your energy levels are rather depleted so you need to take care of yourself. What's more, the situation won't be helped if you have to spend too much time with someone who always puts you on the defensive or who seems to look down their nose at you. If you've got to sort out a problem with a certain person and you've been putting it off, you won't feel better until you've gathered up your courage and got it out of the way. Fortunate colors are burgundy and caramel. Lucky numbers are 20 and 9.
You're pinned to your chair by what someone tells you today. This might happen when a certain person tells you a fascinating story, or you could be gripped by something you hear on the radio or TV. Listen carefully to what you're hearing because it could contain an important message for you, whether for now or in the future. Empowering colors are pistachio and mango. Lucky numbers are 40 and 12.
Do yourself a favor and get together with someone special. You're in a very cosy, romantic and affectionate mood, and it would be a shame to keep such warm feelings to yourself. Maybe it's the perfect excuse to have a night in with you-know-who, or to turn an ordinary date with someone into a special occasion that you'll both enjoy. Prosperous colors are tan and navy. Lucky numbers are 23 and 16.
Watch out if you're going anywhere near the shops because money will flow through your fingers like water. No sooner will you have seen something you want to buy than you'll have bought it, even if it's beyond your means. Try not to get into hot financial water, even if you do feel an overpowering need to cheer yourself up. Ideal colors are ochre and smoky quartz. Lucky numbers are 17 and 29.
Cheer yourself up by spending time with friends and other like- minded people. If you can't see someone in the flesh, give them a ring or send them an e-mail. What's important now is to make contact with people who lift you out of yourself and give you a wider perspective on the world. You could have a fascinating discussion about ethics or spirituality, too. Auspicious colors are brass and claret. Lucky numbers are 40 and 1.
You thirst for knowledge and truth from today, and it will take you on some fascinating adventures during the next couple of months. Look on this as a golden opportunity to learn many new things about the world, whether you do this formally, informally or mostly by osmosis. Be open- minded, tolerant and willing to educate yourself. Beneficial colors are jet black and bright red. Lucky numbers are 20 and 45.
An air of constraint blows up between you and a certain person is making you uncomfortable. It may even tempt you to keep away, even though that could end up making the situation worse. It would be far better to find out what's wrong and then to do something constructive about it. That will give you a great sense of achievement. Fortunate colors are avocado and toffee. Lucky numbers are 28 and 34.
You're happy to help anyone who's in trouble today. That might mean dropping a few coins into a charity collecting tin, giving some money to a beggar or doing your best to help an associate who's going through a tricky patch. You should also spare a thought for an older friend or relative who would be thrilled to hear from you, or even better to see you in person. Auspicious colors are sapphire blue and emerald green. Lucky numbers are 29 and 51.
The next four weeks generate the opportunity to think long and hard about your relationships, and about what you expect from them. Do you depend on other people in the same way that a drowning man depends on a raft, or do you feel that you have the upper hand in most of your relationships? Be honest with yourself about all this, otherwise all this valuable self-analysis will be a waste of time. Harmonious colors are aubergine and silver. Lucky numbers are 18 and 11.
Buoyed by a sense of optimism today? You probably feel that everything will be all right in the long run. This could give you the courage to go ahead with a plan that will call for plenty of nerve, or help you through a difficult patch. If possible, you should make a point of having a complete change of scene. Beneficial colors are ivory and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 13 and 74.
Enjoy yourself today, dear Goats, whatever the cost. Right now you're in the mood to throw caution to the winds, followed by lots of money. Uh oh. But if you go out for a meal, it should be memorable and enjoyable, so the last thing you'll be doing is looking at the prices on the menu. Favorable colors are smoky quartz and rose red. Lucky numbers are 10 and 25.
Teamwork is the best way forward during the rest of July. You might pair up with someone for work, and find that you make a lot more progress than normal. If you're about to get engaged, married or move in with someone, you couldn't have chosen a more auspicious time to join forces with this person. Your relationship stands an excellent chance of success. Positive colors are amber and aqua. Lucky numbers are 7 and 10.
You'll feel as though something important is missing if you spend too long by yourself today. That's because you'll be happiest when you're with other people, even if you don't do anything very ambitious or exciting with them. Simply sitting in a companionable silence with someone while you both read the papers or watch TV will be enough to keep you happy now. Sociable colors are silvery grey and red carnelian. Lucky numbers are 11 and 49.
It's important that you talk about your feelings now, but also that you do your best to keep them in proportion. Your emotions are still near the surface, and they could encourage you to create dramas out of very minor troubles. Nevertheless, you'll get a lot from confiding in someone you trust, and for letting them do the same with you. Auspicious colors are plum and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 3 and 45.
Someone wants to get their own way but they're doing their best to cover their tracks and throw you off the scent. Be very careful about believing everything you hear now, especially if it has financial connotations, because it may have little to do with the truth and a lot to do with someone's machinations. Trust your instincts and your common sense. Healing colors are ebony and russet. Lucky numbers are 29 and 23.
The Trickster Mercury turns retrograde in your eighth house of sex, money and power, creating trouble for you over the coming three weeks. Travel could be problematic, so make sure you have plenty of time to get where you need to go. Matters of inheritance and insurance are delayed, so have patience. Just remember that this too shall pass! Positive colors are burgundy and bronze. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
It's one of those delightful days in which you find it easy to hit it off with whoever happens to be around. You'll make a big effort to find some common ground with them, even if they aren't exactly your first choice of companion on a desert island. If you're trying to sort out a problem connected with your job or health, you'll make a lot of progress now. Expressive colors are blackberry and kiwifruit. Lucky numbers are 36 and 70.
If you're a typical Capricorn there are normally no flies on you when it comes to financial matters, but there are definitely a few flies in the ointment today. You aren't seeing things as clearly as usual, and it doesn't help that someone may be trying to cloud your vision in order to steal a march on you. Try to avoid parting with large sums of money now because the risks are too great. Check out Friday 13! Favorable colors are chestnut and olive. Lucky numbers are 11 and 74.
Things won't go nearly as well as you'd like if you're embarking on a new creative or artistic venture today. You might even have to start again after you muck up your first attempt. There will also be false starts and other problems if you try to meet up with a close friend now. They might be delayed or you could have to change your plans at the last minute. Fortunate colors are crimson and violet. Lucky numbers are 2 and 13.
Make it a Sunday full of entertainment and enjoyment. Ideally, you should forget all about work and other bothersome activities for the time being and get together with partners, loved ones and friends. It will do you good to be with them, even if your plans aren't very special. What matters now is to show your affection for some of the people in your life. Bold colors are persimmon and dark blue. Lucky numbers are 4 and 19.