Virgo's Horoscopes |



Born between: August 23rd - Sep 22nd

Dedicated and accomplished are the best ways to describe a Virgo as they have profound morals and are often initiative. However those born under the Virgo star sign need to take extra care to control their temper and be patient.

Consider ways to improve your health. If you're well aware that there's more of you than there should be, or that you're skimping on proper food at the moment, you know what to do. If you're concerned about strange symptoms, seek medical help as soon as possible so you can find out what's going on and take the appropriate action. Expressive colors are pistachio and hazelnut. Lucky numbers are 6 and 73.
It feels as if you're wading through treacle today; everything is too much effort and you want to keep a low profile until you're feeling a bit more resilient again. It won't help that any problems you're currently facing are looming even larger than usual, increasing your worries about them and making you feel impotent to do anything about them. Tell yourself firmly that this isn't true. Uplifting colors are violet and peach. Lucky numbers are 16 and 77.
You shine in social settings today because you're feeling so friendly and outgoing. You'll manage to find something nice to say to everyone you meet, even if they're a complete stranger. You're also in the mood for some entertainment, so how about going to the theatre or cinema, or curling up at home with one of your favourite TV programs. Fortunate colors are sapphire blue and emerald green. Lucky numbers are 17 and 2.
This is a wonderful day for socializing. You're charismatic and dynamic right now, is very attractive indeed. So don't be surprised if a work contact asks you out or an older friend suddenly starts to flirt with you. It's also a good day for working in conjunction with other people and creating as harmonious an atmosphere as possible. Revealing colors are silvery orange and chocolate brown. Lucky numbers are 14 and 58.
Watch out if you're supposed to be counting the calories or following some other healthy regime because your willpower is almost non-existent right now. If you get a craving for a biscuit, rather than have only one you'll want to eat the whole packet. If you're cooking, you'll produce enough food to feed an army. Prosperous colors are ebony and tan. Lucky numbers are 13 and 23.
Someone is really hot under the collar today and they don't care who knows it. They're stomping around in ways that advertise their filthy mood, and this will have the effect on you of lighting the blue touchpaper. Almost before you know it, you'll start to feel angry and impatient, even if you don't know why. Try to keep calm and not let others affect you so much. Positive colors are avocado and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 35 and 13.
Your thoughts revolve around personal concerns from today until late August. This is a very good opportunity to think about what's going on in your life at the moment, and to discuss your conclusions with other people. However, you must try to guard against the tendency to hog the conversation and not let others get a word in edgeways, even if this isn't your usual style! Empowering colors are sunflower yellow and cornflower blue. Lucky numbers are 36 and 77.
This is a marvellous day to talk about episodes from your past, whether you're trying to lay a painful ghost to rest or you're having an enjoyable trip down memory lane. If you can't find anyone to listen to you, put your thoughts down on paper instead. It's important to release any pent-up emotions now rather than keeping them to yourself. Beneficial colors are turquoise and lilac. Lucky numbers are 9 and 24.
Being born under the sign of Virgo means you have an innate interest in health and hygiene, and today you're eager to put your money where your mouth is. It will be a real pleasure for you to invest in something that will boost your health, even if it's only a toothbrush or a bottle of aromatherapy oil. Fortunate colors are ivory and primrose. Lucky numbers are 37 and 41.
The next four weeks with the Sun in your 12th house means you'll welcome any chance to retire from the rat race for a while and catch your breath. This might mean having some early nights for a change, or you could decide to reduce your social obligations for a short while in order to give you more time to yourself. You might also feel more shy or self-conscious than usual, and will want to avoid the spotlight as much as possible. Beneficial colors are mauve and dark gold. Lucky numbers are 22 and 26.
People are rather demanding today, so you have to give them more attention than you'd intended. Keep them sweet and to get them off your back. As the day draws on, your mind becomes clearer, but be careful about setting up a precedent in which someone snaps their fingers and you always come running to avoid upsetting them. Maybe they need to understand that you aren't always available? Fortunate colors are silver and pale rose. Lucky numbers are 14 and 29.
If you're a typical Virgo you believe in moderation in all things, but it's a different story today! Do you feel the urge to throw caution to the winds and let rip? The prospect of going out on the town or spending lots will be almost too tempting to resist, but do your best not to go overboard. Don't get carried away if you're mixing business with pleasure, either. Stabilizing colors are peach and lavender. Lucky numbers are 21 and 39.
Your words carry a lot of weight under today's New Moon, whether you're aware of this or not. As a result, you should be careful about what you say to avoid giving the wrong impression or creating undue worry. If you're giving someone a tarot, runes or palmistry reading, or anything else that involves the use of your intuition, it's essential that you take responsibility for everything you say. Auspicious colors are magenta and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 11 and 12.
Hobbies and other leisure pursuits are right up your street today. They're a wonderful way for you to relax, and they'll also help you to forget about any difficulties that are currently besetting you. Even if you can't devote the entire day to a favourite pastime, you'll feel so much better once you've spent a couple of hours on it. Restorative colors are ruby red and antique silver. Lucky numbers are 11 and 12.
This is a lovely day for letting someone special know how much you care. You're feeling especially drawn towards older friends and relatives, especially if you haven't spoken to them recently, so give them a ring or pay them a visit. This could lead to a heart-warming conversation that makes you glad you took the trouble to make contact. Auspicious colors are cinnamon and pineapple. Lucky numbers are 15 and 78.
Tread carefully when dealing with colleagues and customers today because the situation isn't as clear-cut as it seems. Someone may have a hidden agenda that's very different from the impression they're hoping to give, so be careful about who you trust. If you're feeling under par, consider giving yourself some healing or trying some creative visualization. Alternatively, you might try out your skills on someone else who needs your help. Empowering colors are aubergine and basalt. Lucky numbers are 17 and 14.
Everything grinds to a halt as Mercury, your life-ruler, turns retrograde in your twelfth house today. Take a few deep breaths and try not to get frustrated, because the next three weeks may find you struggling to express yourself as neatly as usual. At least you will have plenty of time to formulate just exactly what it is you want to say! Be patient with your loved ones and with government departments, institutions, hospitals and the like, as they cannot read your mind. Beneficial colors are lavender and avocado. Lucky numbers are 11 and 12.
Someone is being remarkably bossy and domineering, aren't they? They may think they're doing it for your own good, but you won't see it this way. Be very wary about allowing a parent or some other older relative interfere with your personal life because that could stir up resentment. And if you're the parent, try to stop yourself telling your child what they should and shouldn't do! Empowering colors are ebony and platinum. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
Be warned that this is a day of confusion and crossed wires, especially when it comes to matters connected with your health and work. There could be a mix-up over a medical procedure or appointment, or a colleague might give you misleading information. It won't help that you're in an absent-minded mood and are struggling to keep track of what's going on around you. Check out Friday 13! Beneficial colors are pistachio and blackberry. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
Ideally, you should avoid making any travel arrangements today because they could easily unravel in the days ahead. You might find that your ticket has an error or that your plans change and you have to cancel the whole trip anyway. Be especially wary of applying for official documents connected with travel now, such as a visa or passport, because mistakes could easily be made. Positive colors are almond and russet. Lucky numbers are 5 and 41.
You're in a less headstrong mood today, enabling you to pour oil on troubled waters if needs be. You might also get the chance to talk more rationally and calmly about whatever is on your mind at the moment. It's a good day to confide in someone whose experience or wisdom you respect, and who can help you to put things in perspective. Auspicious colors are caramel and honey. Lucky numbers are 21 and 33.