Scorpio's Horoscopes |



Born between: Oct 23rd - Nov 21st

Scorpios are emotional and passionate which ensures they have strong relationships. They are often confident and determined; yet, their emotional and secretive nature can cause them to be jealous and misunderstood.

Clear up any domestic problems, or have a blitz on your home and get rid of some clutter. This is a great chance to clear the decks, whether emotionally or physically, and to enjoy increased energy as a result. You might even be inspired to experiment with some feng shui around your home, just to see if it really works. And you could be in for a pleasant surprise! Fortunate colors are peach and jade. Lucky numbers are 9 and 42.
Someone close to you is being rather serious and intense today. They may treat you to a lecture over something they feel strongly about, even if you don't want to hear it. You may also have to tone down your language when you're with them to avoid being ticked off or offending their principles. Alternatively, you'll be the one who's taking life so seriously right now. Beneficial colors are dusky pink and coffee. Lucky numbers are 7 and 71.
You'll be happiest today if you can keep switching from one activity to another to stop yourself getting bored. You need plenty of variety right now, especially if it arrives in the form of lively loved ones and lots of social events. If you don't have anything exciting planned, remedy the situation immediately otherwise you'll soon start to feel stale and fed up. Harmonious colors are blueberry and pale gold. Lucky numbers are 13 and 31.
It's a good day for sorting out your joint finances, particularly if that means asking someone for their help or working in tandem with them. The best way to get things done and to earn the co-operation of others now is to be polite, considerate and to take your place in the queue. Such a diplomatic approach will be much more effective than any amount of desk-thumping. Prosperous colors are russet and marmalade. Lucky numbers are 11 and 45.
You're in one of those moods in which you're easily overwhelmed by the strength of your feelings, even to the point at which your judgement is skewed or you can't think about anything else. Luckily, this will only be a fleeting phase, so once you've calmed down again you should be able to work out exactly what's going on and why you're behaving like this. What's wrong? Empowering colors are copper and brass. Lucky numbers are 32 and 61.
Is someone deliberately trying to deceive you or are they simply in a bit of a muddle? It will be difficult to know, partly because you aren't thinking straight either. Right now you're very susceptible to the impressions you're picking up, but you won't know whether these are an accurate assessment of the situation or a product of your imagination. You'll have to wait and see. Inspirational colors are indigo and lavender. Lucky numbers are 33 and 60.
You're feeling dynamic and powerful today, and you know exactly what you want to achieve. You'll certainly give it your best shot, but be careful how you go about this. Your Scorpio Sun sign means that you exude a great deal of power which you aren't always aware of, and you can sometimes come on much stronger than you realize. This may be one of those occasions. Dynamic colors are bright gold and deep purple. Lucky numbers are 10 and 44.
There's a bit of a nip in the air and it has nothing to do with the weather. Instead, you're aware of a chilly atmosphere coming from a certain person and you can't help wondering what you've done to deserve it. Actually, you may not have done anything at all because this person is wrapped up in their thoughts or grappling with problems that have no connection with you. You're unlikely to be left out in the cold for long, so don't worry Beneficial colors are royal blue and ivory. Lucky numbers are 15 and 10.
Someone is in a rather confused state today, making it difficult to get through, even though you're keen to communicate with friends and associates. Your words may go in one ear and out the other, or they might be much more interested in telling you about their latest dream or an episode from their past. Believe it or not, you may also be in a rather preoccupied mood as the day moves on, and not nearly as on the ball as you might imagine. Get a grip! Positive colors are ebony and marzipan. Lucky numbers are 11 and 14.
During the next four weeks you'll be very concerned about the impression you're making on other people. You may even want to tone down your behavior in order to fit in with everyone else, or you could be overly concerned about keeping up with the Joneses. Is this because you're feeling insecure and are worried that you won't be accepted otherwise, or do you want to increase your own sense of self-importance by gaining the respect of others? Ideal colors are mustard yellow and charcoal grey. Lucky numbers are 13 and 53.
This is a great day for blending a practical approach with a healthy dose of optimism, because then you'll have the best of both worlds. You may jump at the chance to put your brain through its paces, perhaps by getting involved in an intellectual debate or by making some long-range plans. If you're organizing a long journey, tidy up any loose ends now. Ideal colors are navy and sienna. Lucky numbers are 16 and 75.
Are you feeling extravagant and in the mood for some fun today? It sounds like heaven to go out on the town with a friend or lover, and to throw money around in all directions. You'll be just as lavish when it comes to showing your emotions, especially if you can have a wild passionate encounter with you-know-who or you tell a friend how much they mean to you. Fortunate colors are auburn and cherry. Lucky numbers are 17 and 18.
If you're a typical Scorpio you're at your most comfortable when you're in situations that you can control, yet during the coming fortnight you'll be encouraged to throw yourself into new situations and uncharted waters in which the outcome is far from certain. But don't worry because this will be an exhilarating and educational experience, and it will add greater depth and insight to your personality. Adventurous colors are burgundy and reddish gold. Lucky numbers are 9 and 12.
There's nothing you'd like better today than relaxing with the papers or a pile of magazines and then reading them from cover to cover. Pity if you have to work! Still, you'll enjoy absorbing plenty of facts and figures, and may even decide that you want to know much more about a particular topic. Well, there's no time like the present! Good news may come from abroad. Beneficial colors are rose quartz and white gold. Lucky numbers are 15 and 23.
A certain someone is feeling moody and it will be almost impossible to second-guess them. This means you may try to pacify them, only to find that you've said something that makes them even more angry than they were in the first place. They're also keen to do things in a hurry and will lose all patience if they think you're dragging your heels or letting the side down. Fortunate colors are avocado and lemon. Lucky numbers are 30 and 41.
Someone is pulling strings behind the scenes in order to get their own way. They're being very subtle about this because they don't want you to cotton on, especially if they stand to gain and you to lose from what they're hoping to achieve. Don't be tempted to play them at their own game because two wrongs don't make a right and you could end up in extremely hot water. Besides, do you really want to stoop to their level? Expressive colors are dark orange and pale yellow. Lucky numbers are 9 and 55.
Mercury turns retrograde in your mid-heaven, the house of career and status, slowing down your progress on the job. Be sure to take notes and document everything, as misunderstandings and confusion reign. Stay as organized as possible while the trickster does his best to trip you up... by the time it is all over, you will have come out on top. Fortunate colors are golden topaz and lime green. Lucky numbers are 10 and 21.
Jealousy and possessiveness are a distinct possibility now, so watch out. Maybe your other half is feeling threatened and they want to stake their claim on you, or perhaps you're the one who's been bitten by the green-eyed monster. Either way, be very wary about behaving in manipulative, controlling or obsessive ways that will undoubtedly rebound on you. Revealing colors are mother of pearl and teal blue. Lucky numbers are 46 and 15.
The chances of mix-ups and muddles are extremely high today, so try not to add to the confusion by being vague or ambiguous. Tread very carefully if you're involved in some red tape or a property deal, otherwise you might create a misleading impression or find that you've been hoodwinked in some way. Ideally, you should avoid making any important commitments. Check out Friday 13! Fortunate colors are peach and silvery blue. Lucky numbers are 70 and 25.
A strange mood is affecting your relationships today, making it difficult to avoid crossed wires and misunderstandings. If you arrange to meet someone, there could be hitches before you're able to get together or the meeting may not exactly be an overwhelming success. It's simply one of those days when everyone is on different wavelengths and it's difficult to tune into each other. Ideal colors are ivory and crimson. Lucky numbers are 32 and 7.
If a certain someone thinks they went over the top with you yesterday, prepare to receive their apology today with a good grace. You'll probably decide that it isn't worth getting in a tizzy about something so minor. A conversation with a close associate or older relative will be rewarding and informative, and help you to understand one another better. Fortunate colors are silvery grey and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 3 and 44.