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Born between: July 23rd - August 22nd

The Leo symbol is a lion and the attributes are mimicked by those born under the Leo star sign as they are proud, strong characters who are passionate leaders which unfortunately may be perceived as bossy.

Fed up with the way your partner has been behaving lately? Maybe all the action you need to take is to have a quiet word and talk about what's going on between you. Alternatively, you may realize that more drastic action is called for, such as putting your foot down or even, in exceptional circumstances, walking away from the entire situation once and for all. Stabilizing colors are lemon and lime. Lucky numbers are 4 and 16.
You don't have as much energy as usual today, so pace yourself accordingly. If you try to force yourself to do too much you'll simply run out of stamina at some point and have to admit defeat, which will make you feel embarrassed and possibly even slightly depressed. So do yourself a favor and take things gently for a change. Besides, you've earned a rest! Fortunate colors are ochre and misty blue. Lucky numbers are 24 and 53.
Your work goes really well today and you'll enjoy feeling that you're in control of what you're doing. At some point you could have an interesting conversation with a colleague or client, especially if it brings you closer together. It's also a good day for discussing a health matter to someone who knows what they're talking about. Revealing colors are pineapple and apricot. Lucky numbers are 11 and 31.
Want to make a play for someone? Then do it today while everything is working in your favor and you're feeling nicely confident. But you'd better make sure you know what to do next in case they give you the green light! This is also a lovely day for getting together with friends or for taking charge of a group activity. Favorable colors are mustard yellow and charcoal grey. Lucky numbers are 34 and 66.
This is a super day for combining exercise and enjoyment in any way you like. You might want to confine your activities to the bedroom, or you could be tempted outdoors for a jog or tennis match. When dealing with loved ones, try to realize that your emotions are the driving force right now and could make you seem rather pushy or blunt. Dynamic colors are old gold and smoky purple. Lucky numbers are 10 and 1.
Oh oh, someone's in an upset mood today. The better they know you, the less controlled they'll be about losing their temper. Such are the benefits of familiarity! Of course, there's every chance that you'll be the one who's hopping up and down with irritation, in which case make sure that you get angry about what's really wrong, rather than petty distractions. Auspicious colors are dark green and silver. Lucky numbers are 27 and 8.
Your finances will never be far from your thoughts during the next couple of weeks, so devote plenty of time to making sure that they're running as smoothly as possible. This might involve picking someone's brains, making some careful adjustments to your banking arrangements or simply taking more care over your spending habits than usual. It will all be good stuff. Opportune colors are amethyst and deep purple. Lucky numbers are 3 and 72.
Keep active, Leo! You have bags of energy and enterprise today and should make the most of them. If you're going shopping with a friend you'll have much more stamina than usual, and will also be good at striking a bargain. If you get involved in a discussion or negotiation you'll leave no one in any doubt about where you stand. Favorable colors are blood red and silvery blue. Lucky numbers are 11 and 21.
Your head's in the books today, as you set about getting the financial house into order. You're usually a great one for the Big Picture, but the Virgo Moon insists on careful attention to the fidgety bits. Things are more to your liking later in the day, so don't be surprised if someone decides to confide in you or lets on that they're one of your biggest fans. Even if you're just chatting to someone you'll be able to create a very cosy atmosphere. Expressive colors are mulberry and russet. Lucky numbers are 5 and 77.
You're blessed with extra self-confidence and energy during the coming four weeks, thanks to the blazing Sun lighting up your sign! This is marvellous if you're hoping to make your mark on the world, but even if you've simply set your sights on wowing your own social circle, you'll be a big success. It is a great excuse for a change of image, or a revamp of your wardrobe. Auspicious colors are gold and purple. Lucky numbers are 1 and 19.
As the day draws on you find yourself in a very practical mood, especially if you have to get your finances into some sort of order. You might be horrified by the amount of money you spent yesterday and realize you can't carry on like this. Consider making a few changes to your financial arrangements, such as tucking away some money each month into a nest-egg. Prosperous colors are silvery grey and dusky pink. Lucky numbers are 25 and 43.
A social event could work out rather more expensive than you expected, Lions, but at least it will be good fun. In fact, today shows every sign of being one of the most enjoyable days of the month, so tell yourself that you can't put a price on having fun. But perhaps you can, and the price you're prepared to pay may be more than you can realistically afford. Boring, but it's a fact. Uplifting colors are crimson and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 19 and 21.
You'll really enjoy putting your brain through its paces today, especially if you choose an intellectual pursuit. But don't be surprised if it's difficult to tear yourself away from it! It's great for trying your hand at a crossword puzzle or competition. After the New Moon, the Moon rolls into your sign, so your personal magnetism increases and your energy begins to rise. Thank Heavens, as the past few days have been less than delightful! Favorable colors are pearly white and jade green. Lucky numbers are 12 and 21.
You need a break from the world and the best way to do this is to take some time out for yourself. Revel in the chance of some peace and quiet, even if circumstances mean that this doesn't last for very long. Pay attention to any dreams you have now because they carry significant messages for you. Write them down upon waking. Empowering colors are platinum and marigold. Lucky numbers are 10 and 35.
Take it easy Leo, otherwise you'll end the day with steam coming out of both ears! You have a tremendous amount of energy right now and it needs to be released in positive and controlled ways. Ideally, you should do something physical because you'll definitely get ratty if you're too sedentary. If you're out driving, watch the speed limit! Fortunate colors are peach and aqua. Lucky numbers are 3 and 21.
You're faced with more confusion in a relationship today. Be very careful, not only about someone else's motives but also about the impression you're giving. Resist the temptation to take advantage of this mixed-up atmosphere and cross the wires still further. That will really lead to trouble! Beneficial colors are apricot and blue. Lucky numbers are 7 and 8.
Mercury, the divine Messenger, turns retrograde in your sign today, Lions, creating some degree of havoc in your personal lives, although you will get the chance to right past misunderstandings. Expect business transactions and communications to slow down over the next three weeks, as confusion and frustration reign. This is not a good time to travel, or make expensive purchases, so keep a low profile and put your plans on hold. Favorable colors are burnished gold and antique silver. Lucky numbers are 1 and 12.
If life has been a little fraught or difficult recently then it's about time that you had some light relief. So set aside some time for an activity that allows you to relax and forget about everything for a while. This might mean putting your feet up in front of the TV, going out for a drink with a friend or losing yourself in a favourite hobby. Soothing colors are amethyst and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 6 and 12.
Confusion is rife between you and partners today. This may not be deliberate, so don't immediately assume that someone is trying to mislead you. On the other hand, there is a distinct possibility that a certain person could be muddying the waters in some way or omitting to mention some rather pertinent facts that you really ought to know about. Proceed with caution. Check out Friday 13! Liberating colors are beige and tartan. Lucky numbers are 14 and 12.
Hold fire if you're supposed to sign an agreement or contract today, because things could easily go haywire. You might find that you've agreed to something that you don't want, the whole process could turn into a pain in the neck or you could change your mind when it's too late to do anything about it. So make your excuses for the time being n it will be worth it. Advantageous colors are brass and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 8 and 1.
Thank goodness you're in a much more diplomatic and easy-going mood today, so you can make amends if you think you went overboard yesterday. However, think twice before apologizing for what you said, because the only fault may lie with the way you said it. This is important if you were making some points about the way you want certain people to treat you. Creative colors are honeycomb and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 14 and 62.