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Born between: April 20th - May 20th

Those with the Taurus sign are perfect partners in friendship and love as they're loving, loyal and understanding. However those born under the Taurus sign at times can be stubborn but always are patient and generous.

It's time to assess the progress of your long-term goals. However, you'll have to be honest with yourself, otherwise the whole thing will be a waste of effort. So evaluate all your current projects to see how they're progressing. If you realize that your heart is no longer in something, it will be far better to jettison it now than to continue with it because you're scared of what people will say if you abandon it. Do what you know is right and let them say what they like. Positive colors are champagne and salmon. Lucky numbers are 37 and 61.
Think twice before being drawn into discussions and philosophical arguments today because it will be difficult to extricate yourself from them. You may also have to listen to someone who gets on their soap box and treats you to a lecture. Try not to behave this way yourself, even though it might be strangely tempting. Fortunate colors are caramel and persimmon. Lucky numbers are 35 and 70.
Keep your mind as active as possible today. You're interested in a wide range of ideas and activities right now, and want to devote as much time to them as possible. If you've got a holiday or long journey coming up, this is a good opportunity to check that all the arrangements are still okay. You'll even be inspired to buy a guide book to your destination so you'll know more about it. Inspirational colors are cream and amber. Lucky numbers are 2 and 39.
There is a strong emphasis on your domestic arrangements at the moment and this is a great day to check that everything is running smoothly. Talking things through with other members of the family will help to keep everyone in the picture and will also give them the opportunity to offer their help if necessary. As a result you'll be delighted to know you've got a strong support system that you can count on when you need it. Uplifting colors are jade and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 18 and 19.
This is a super day for immersing yourself in your closest and most intimate relationships. So get together with that special person, or with one of your dearest friends, and do your best to make strong emotional connections with them. You'll end up having a greater understanding of one another. Powerful colors are copper and dark blue. Lucky numbers are 22 and 75.
Someone has steam coming out of their ears today, making them difficult to be around. They seem to have worked themselves up into a right old state, especially if you privately consider that they're ranting on about nothing much at all. Mind you, you might decide that it's more than your life is worth to say so because you'll only get an earful. Keep your head down! Dynamic colors are electric blue and electric pink. Lucky numbers are 8 and 41.
Financial arrangements are fraught with problems today, including the distinct possibility that someone will pressure you into doing what they want. They could use some very underhand methods in order to bend you to their will, including dropping heavy hints or using emotional blackmail. The green-eyed monster might also cause trouble with a loved one. What a day! Advantageous colors are sepia and coffee. Lucky numbers are 39 and 72.
It's a good day to tidy up the workplace, or to energize the people working with or under you, Taurus. The Moon and Mars are boosting your naturally industrious nature. Just don't over do it! Some remarkably good fortune could come forward, so keep your wits about you and don't miss the opportunity. Fortunate colors are chestnut and navy. Lucky numbers are 3 and 6.
There's a very easy going atmosphere between you and the people you encounter at work today, whether bosses, colleagues or customers. Keep on the right side of everyone you encounter, and make allowances for certain people if they're behaving badly. As the day draws on, you could be inspired to improve the appearance of your surroundings at work, even if that only means putting a vase of flowers on your desk. Ideal colors are pistachio and toffee. Lucky numbers are 4 and 30.
Between now and late August the best way to feel good is to spend a lot of time with familiar people, some of your nearest and dearest. You'll feel more comfortable surrounded by friendly faces than if you're with strangers. This will also be a good opportunity to concentrate on your domestic plans and arrangements, especially if they could do with some improvements or modifications. Auspicious colors are butterscotch and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 5 and 70.
You're blessed with enough charm right now to make the most of the cosmic energy that will shower upon you as the day draws on. The Earthy Virgo Moon has quite a romantic edge, so if you are looking for love you could be lucky. Someone sweet might enter your life, turning it the most glorious shade of rainbow colors. Romantic colors are golden tan and red coral. Lucky numbers are 19 and 33.
It's one of those days when money flows out like a receding tide, and you'll have a whale of a time in the process. Unless you have iron willpower, you'll be inexorably drawn to your favourite shops, and once there you'll just have to go on a splurge. As for your love life, some of the delicious events that are lined up will have you dancing on air. Beneficial colors are silvery grey and plum. Lucky numbers are 10 and 45.
There's a New Moon in Cancer today and it's encouraging you to talk about whatever is uppermost in your mind. Rather than keeping your thoughts to yourself it will be far more productive to discuss them either with the people concerned, or with anyone who can help you marshal your thoughts. You might be taking more short journeys than usual, but during the rest of July your main focus will be firmly on home and family. Fortunate colors are claret and cream. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
This is a day for enjoying your local surroundings whenever possible. That might mean strolling around your nearest park or beach, visiting the shops or seeing what's going on in your neighborhood. If you're able to choose the company you keep today, opt for people that you know like the back of your hand because you won't want to make a huge effort with anyone. Favorable colors are salmon and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 12 and 21.
A family member is in a very chatty mood today, as you'll soon realize when they start talking and barely draw breath. You'll need the verbal equivalent of a shoehorn if you want to get a word in, and if you try and fail you might even get rather ratty. Do your best to avoid getting defensive or huffy. It really isn't worth it. Auspicious colors are gold and silver. Lucky numbers are 6 and 13.
Certain people seem to be going out of their way to trip you up or restrict your progress today, and there won't be much you can do about it. There could be delays that are beyond your control or someone might withdraw their co-operation. Although it will be tempting to tell yourself that this is all part of a major conspiracy, beware of becoming needlessly paranoid or suspicious. Dynamic colors are salmon and banana. Lucky numbers are 14 and 62.
Mercury turns retrograde in your fourth house of new beginnings today. This will also affect matters connected with your household situation, home and family, and as the Moon is in Gemini, financial issues will be at the heart of any surprises. Of course, you have been tested and tried relentlessly over the past year or so, but still you prevail. Your consistency in the face of transformation is apparent as your persistence pays off. The next few weeks may actually bring a promotion or other form of increase in status. Fortunate colors are pearly white and indigo. Lucky numbers are 2 and 4.
It's a good day for keeping in touch with friends and family. You don't have to talk about anything very important - simply making contact with them will be enough to make you feel good. You're planning on some retail therapy Taurus, so it would be wise to take someone along for advice and company. Maybe you could find time for a visit to your favourite cafe? Beneficial colors are brass and rust brown. Lucky numbers are 2 and 74.
You could be forgiven for thinking that a certain someone doesn't know what they're talking about. Well, that's the impression they're giving at any rate, because they seem to be making things up as they go along or talking through the back of their head. Be selective about what you believe, and if in doubt check what they're telling you. Check out Friday 13! Powerful colors are navy and tan. Lucky numbers are 4 and 65.
Do your best to avoid getting new projects off the ground today because they're likely to go pear shaped. Things simply won't work out in the way you were hoping, either because they fail to get off the ground in the first place or because they soon become more trouble than they're worth. Instead, concentrate on ventures that are already up and running. Fortunate colors are raspberry and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 1 and 58.
You're very busy today, with plenty to keep you happily occupied, but you're unlikely to be rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off. Instead, you'll be in touch with lots of people or take a short journey. This is also a good opportunity to talk to someone who lives nearby, especially if they always have to be humored in some way. Beneficial colors are dusky rose and smoky purple. Lucky numbers are 18 and 66.