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How To Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Promotion

How To Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Promotion


If you've been plugging away at your job for a year or more without seeing any signs of promotion, you may start to feel discouraged. In today's economy, everyone could use a little advancement at work. However, because many companies are strapped for cash it's not always a given that you'll move swiftly up the ranks and see a corresponding meteoric rise in income. Money may be tight, or your boss may simply have other things on her mind! You need to position yourself as a valuable company asset. Put yourself at the top of the list for a promotion by following these tips.


Find a Need and Fill It

One of the first ways to ensure that you become an invaluable asset to the company is by finding a need that's not currently being met. Try to stay one step ahead of your bosses, anticipating what they need before they even realize it. By taking the initiative to solve problems before being told what to do, you can show that you're able to take on greater responsibility.


Upgrade your Skills

You can't expect to grow with a company unless you're willing to keep expanding your skill set and industry knowledge. Take the time to read industry blogs and newsletters or attend seminars to stay up-to-date with developments. Online courses, certificate programs, and reading books all help round out your knowledge. For some positions, you will simply need to be able to tick the boxes in terms of qualifications to get the job. This is particularly true in fields like the healthcare industry. Try looking at courses at sources like NowLearning to see how you could upgrade your skills.


Set Career Goals

You'll boost your chances of getting ahead if you have a clear career path in mind. It's hard to be an advocate for yourself if you don't know what you want. With career goals, you can create a strategy and start implementing the appropriate steps to achieve them. 


Keep a Positive Attitude

It's natural to start feeling resentful if you don't see any chance of career progression in sight, but a negative attitude will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. Create allies at the workplace by taking the time to complete tasks without grumbling and lending a helpful hand when applicable. By forging friendships, you'll become someone that the company wants to keep around.


Sit Down for a Chat

So you've been working hard and making a real, genuine effort at the workplace. If you feel like there has been no acknowledgement of your achievements, don't be afraid to schedule a meeting with your boss to have a discussion about your future. Your boss may simply have been busy with other tasks, or there may be strict company rules about filling placements. Don't go into this type of meeting without concrete examples of your achievements, and wait a sensible amount of time before broaching the subject. It's not uncommon to wait two years or longer before a promotion.


These are just a few techniques to help you get ahead. Putting your best foot forward at work by upgrading your skills and growing your professional network will not only put you at the front of the line for a promotion, it will also get you closer to your ultimate career goals. 


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