Jade Christina I'm Lucky to Walk Away

Jade Christina I'm Lucky to Walk Away

I'm Lucky To Walk Away is the debut single from artist Jade Christina. The track is a heart-on-sleeve ballad that wonders as it wanders through the self-discovery inherent in heartbreak.

Jade Christina's single usher's us through the vulnerability arc of opening up to someone new, as well as the resulting dismay when both parties aren't on the same page with a gentle immediacy. What begins as timid and unknowingly tense relaxes into deep breaths of comfort and self-confidence.
'It's also about realising that it's okay to love myself instead of trying to find that love in another person. It's about a lot of things but mainly having the strength to see a situation for what it is and being lucky enough to pull through the other side.' - Jade Christina 

Settled in Central Victoria, Jade Christina has been writing songs as a form of music therapy for the past 20 years. Jade writes from personal experience paired with imagination to connect honestly with her listeners in the hope that they feel understood. This relatable approach inspires songs of love and loss that will resonate sincerely within every empathic body.

I'm Lucky To Walk Away 
was written and produced by Jade Christina. An advocate of self-expression she comes to life as "It was very fun being able to play with different instruments and sounds to create the final song." The track was mixed and mastered by Lance at Pavement Studios in Western Australia.
I'm Lucky To Walk Away is told through vivid metaphors, delivered in an honest way so that the listener can safely feel the full spectrum of the song. Jade Christina's practice is centrally important to all who are travelling the same path.