Jordan Rys She Want Me Bad

Jordan Rys She Want Me Bad

Jordan Rys is the embodiment of Pop music. Jordan mixes urban elements with smooth vocal melodies. The music portrayed at the age of 22 reflects on accounts of emotional, relatable, and raw messages that have translated to be relatable for listeners.

Currently a popular Tik Tok star with over 1.5 Million followers and experience in the music industry as the front man for duo 'Three Guests' Jordan Rys is in the midst of starting his music solo career.

Jordan grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania with hobbies such as soccer and skiing.

Jordan draws inspiration from many different sources such as classic rock, old school hiphop, and country as well as from today's pop, rap, and R&B. Jordan uses his past experiences as paint on a canvas for his new songs.

Over the past few years, Jordan has performed at clubs, festivals, parties, and bars across the country from east coast to west. Crowds enjoy every minute of Jordan's performance, singing and dancing along until the set is over. Jordan has been described by fans as "life changing," his performances described as bringing "excitement, awe, and tears" all within a thirty minute window, and his songs described as having "eloquent lyrics and melodies."

About "She Want Me Bad"
"She Want Me Bad is a song I wrote about a year ago because someone told me they wanted a song they could dance to.

I quickly whipped up the beat in less than an hour. I first had the track slapping with some 808's but we changed it to a sub bass later on. For my first single, I wanted to make something that had good vibes and would make people want to move.

I use my girlfriend, Csenge Forstner, for most of my inspiration when writing songs. In this case, I wanted to speak on the fact that there is no greater feeling than to be loved. I believe I encapsulated this idea into a wonderful, lyrical journey through rhythm and melody.

The song incorporates bars that can be related to anyone and gives accented lines for people to dance to. I believe this song has great potential to put a smile on people's faces and I can't wait to see the reaction from all the listeners!" - Jordan Rys