Jiordan Tolli X-Factor Interview

Jiordan Tolli X-Factor Interview

Interview with Jiordan Tolli

Question: Can you talk us through what you've been doing since X-Factor?

Jiordan Tolli: Since I left X-Factor I returned home, to Melbourne, on the Thursday morning and I had a few days where I was able to go to the Caulfield Cup and then I returned to Sydney for X-Factor on the Sunday to film a Behind The Scenes video for Sunrise, I was able to interview all the remaining X-Factor contestants which was awesome. On the Monday I went into Sunrise and spoke to the hosts and after that I had my first day off since the beginning of the competition! Now I'm looking forward to the X-Factor Grand Final and the X-Factor Live Tour 2013.

Question: Unfortunately Third Degree, your choice for the X-Factor 2013 winners left the competition. Who do you think is going to win the X-Factor, this year?

Jiordan Tolli: I love Third Degree and the hard thing about the last four in the competition is that you never know who will leave the competition because they all deserve it, so much.

I adore Third Degree and I wanted them to win because I love them so much, they're so talented. I think Taylor will take out 2013 X-Factor.

Question: What should Australians expect from the upcoming X-Factor Live Tour 2013?

Jiordan Tolli: I'm very excited about the Live Tour, the show runs from the 23rd of November through to the 2nd of December and we'll be visiting Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast. I can't describe how excited I am to tour with the top five X-Factor contestants. We get to perform three of our best songs throughout the competition each along with group songs.

Question: What songs will you be singing on the X-Factor Live Tour 2013?

Jiordan Tolli: Not yet, we haven't had the discussion as of yet. As soon as the whole competition has finished we will then start figuring out our plans for the X-Factor Live Tour 2013.

Question: You were able to capture the audience, which each of your performances, is this something Red Foo taught you?

Jiordan Tolli: I've had a lot of experience with musical theatre including acting and singing which has given me the upper hand in that regard, I was very lucky to be able to have had experience in front of the camera, before. I think I am making it a lot more comfortable too especially in interviews. Connecting with my songs is a big part of the reason why I perform, that is what I want to achieve.

Question: What will you miss about not working alongside Red Foo?

Jiordan Tolli: Everything! I miss Red Foo's energy, he was an incredible mentor and he was so positive; I miss his energy and encouragement and the fun we had! Red Foo is an all-round great person.

Question: Which of your performances on X-Factor was most like the direction you hope your music career to take?

Jiordan Tolli: Probably the two showdown songs as they're the ones that I got to choose and being somewhere between Lana Del Rey and the musical style that I sang on stage would be great and also Royals (Lorde); that is the direction I want to head.

Question: How did you go about learning to perform on stage and live television when surrounded by crazy stage props, people and band?

Jiordan Tolli: It was a bit overwhelming at first and everyone was a little bit scared but you embrace it. Although every person isn't going to love the massive production that goes with it, but that's X-Factor and they're known for having incredible production. It was insane and I learnt to embrace it; I learnt to refocus and concentrate on the things I could control such as singing and my performance. It was incredible.

Question: Is your fashion style similar to your on stage outfits?

Jiordan Tolli: The closest to my fashion style of my stage outfits would be what I wore in Royals or Somebody That I Used To Know. I wear baggy boy clothes so a lot of people don't recognise me as much when I walk around as people are expecting me to have big weaves and big dresses but in normal life I'm a jeans and t-shirt person!

Question: Can you tell us what it is really like, backstage, of X-Factor?

Jiordan Tolli: It is crazy backstage of X-Factor although it's the most fun part to be able to work with all the crew backstage, it was probably my most favourite part! Backstage was about having fun and enjoying our time there because we knew it wouldn't be a forever thing that we were all in the same apartment, so we just enjoyed it!

Question: What is the most memorable message you've taken away from your time on X-Factor?

Jiordan Tolli: Probably to remain yourself through everything; at the start of X-Factor I didn't really know what it meant and after the whole intense experience of not being able to choose your song or what you wear or what happens on set, underneath it all you have to focus on what you can do and maintaining who you are.

Question: What are you looking forward to about the X-Factor Grand Final?

Jiordan Tolli: I am excited to see everyone, again. I am so excited that I will be able to see everyone when we start rehearsing. Katy Perry and One Direction are definitely up there, I am definitely a Directioner (laughs). I am very excited for One Direction and Katy Perry is a goddess!

Question: What's next for you, in regards to music?

Jiordan Tolli: I see that I will wait a little bit to push everything out; I know people are very excited about pushing out music, straight away but for me I need to sit back and perfect everything and then release something when I'm ready. Who knows? It may be massive or it might be musical theatre; we'll see what happens…

The X Factor Live Tour 2013

The X Factor is coming to its nail-biting conclusion with five finalists left battling it out. The top five contestants will embark on The X Factor Live Tour 2013 this November. The massive tour is confirmed to feature Dami Im, Jai Waetford, Jiordan Tolli, Taylor Henderson and Third D3gree.
General public can snap up a ticket now, with all tickets priced at just $79 to go on sale through various outlets.

The X Factor Live Tour 2013 kicks off on Saturday 23rd November and will hit Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and finish up in Perth.

Headlined by The X Factor 2013 grand final winner and the remaining top four contestants, the Live Tour experience will give these talented performers the opportunity to get up close and personal with their fans. The top five includes, Queenslander Dami Im, 24, Jai Waetford, 14, from New South Wales, Victorians Jiordan Tolli, 19, Taylor Henderson, 20 and Third D3gree trio Jordan, 18 from Victoria, Kelebek, 18 and Jacinta, 19, from New South Wales. The top five will get this amazing opportunity to perform onstage live in the Australian arena tour.

The X Factor Live Tour 2013 is a true extension of the TV show and will deliver an entertaining music spectacular with the impressive production elements and striking stage and set design that have made The X Factor one of the most well-loved and visually remarkable programs on Australian television. The top five contestants will perform a selection of their most loved songs from their time on The X Factor, with exciting special guests to be announced. 

Australia's favourite TV show The X Factor has been one of the year's highest rating television programs, pulling in over 1.5 million viewers weekly. This year the show has been overseen by the judges and music heavyweights Redfoo, body rocker and LMFAO front man; Natalie Bassingthwaighte, entertainment icon and Australian recording artist; Ronan Keating, Irish singing-songwriting superstar and Australian darling and singer-songwriter Dannii Minogue. 

The X Factor has uncovered some of Australia's best talent with Samantha Jade, The Collective, Reece Mastin, Nathaniel Willemsie and Johnny Ruffo just some of the performers to become household names after appearing on the show.

'The X Factor" format has created more global superstars than any other singing competition television show including One Direction, Leona Lewis, Little Mix, Cher Lloyd and Olly Murs.

The X Factor is now aired in 205 countries, and local versions of 'The X Factor" are now commissioned in 45 territories.

The X Factor Live Tour 2013
Saturday 23 November: Newcastle Entertainment Centre NEWCASTLE        
Sunday 24 November: Sydney Hordern Pavilion, SYDNEY
Tuesday 26 November: Palais Theatre, MELBOURNE
Thursday 28 November: Adelaide Entertainment Centre, ADELAIDE           
Friday 29 November: Brisbane Entertainment Centre, BRISBANE           
Saturday 30 November: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, GOLD COAST   
Monday 2 December: Perth Arena, PERTH           

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