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Jordan and Cabe Tax Rap

ATO's Tax, Super + You Competition

Tax and rap are two words that you traditionally wouldn't associate with one another, yet high school students Jordan Donohue and Cabe Barrett from Singleton, NSW last year managed to make them work.

Jordan and Cabe teamed up to produce a dope rap about tax as their entry for the ATO's Tax, Super + You competition, which won them the first place and cash prize of nearly a grand for them and their school mates.

Check out the banger tune here.

The ATO's Tax, Super + You competition is back again this year with a total cash prize pool of $6,200 up for grabs. To enter all high school students have to do is to submit creative ideas on how they would explain the value of tax or/and super. Competition close on 2nd of November.

Interview with Jordan Donohue

Question: Why did you decide to enter the ATO's Tax, Super + You competition?

Jordan Donohue: I didn't really have a choice to begin with, my Commerce teacher Ms McBurney made it compulsory for our class and at the same time I had my mum telling me it would be a great opportunity to be creative (which is what I love to do).

Question: What did you learn about tax when participating in the ATO's Tax, Super + You competition?

Jordan Donohue: I actually learnt a great deal about tax during this competition, mostly the importance of tax, how it influences the community and creates a balance. The fact that it's viewed as such a negative thing "stereotypically" is so wrong, it actually helps raise the standard of living for Australia.

Question: How did you come up with the tax rap?

Jordan Donohue: Cabe (my partner in this competition) and I sat down and chose a target audience (youth, people our age) then we discussed the different ways we could approach the competition. We wanted to do something outside the box! Taking into consideration our target audience we decided to create a rap. Once we figured out our approach and things to include in the lyrics we worked on basic rhymes and catchy phrases. I then contacted a Producer in L.A who allowed us to have one of his tracks (which was awesome). Next we wrote all the lyrics mixing it to the beat. That night I went home and recorded the track and we had a pretty dope mini rap on our hands!

Question: What advice do you have for entrants of this year's ATO's Tax, Super + You competition?

Jordan Donohue: Definitely incorporate a skill, hobby or passion you have into your entry! Make it something fun but also informative! Put time and effort in, it is actually an epic experience!

Question: Do you hope to have a future in the music industry?

Jordan Donohue: I love listening to all types of music however I actually am studying screen and media at the moment, so hopefully the film industry.

Question: What motivates you most when writing lyrics?

Jordan Donohue: I love creating things with meaning and purpose. So I would have to say the ability to create anything and have it impact or leave people with a message or a feeling. That's what really motivates me and gets me excited when I'm writing or creating!

Question: Which music/artists are you currently listening to?

Jordan Donohue: I listen to so many different genres; there are tonnes of artists... Billy Eilsh, NF, Chase Atlantic, Post Malone, Amber Run, xxxtentacion and Jake Hill.

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Jordan Donohue: I would without a doubt collaborate with Post Malone.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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