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Laura Enever World Surf League Interview

Laura Enever World Surf League Interview

Laura is currently touring Australia as part of the World Surf League, having just finished the Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast while juggling her role as a Subway Surf Series ambassador – mentoring Australia's future pro surfers.

Interview with Laura Enever, ambassador for the Subway Surf Series

Question: What's involved in being an ambassador for the Subway Surf Series?

Laura Enever: Being an ambassador involves supporting the Subway Surf Series in anyway I can and supporting all the kids involved.

Question: Why did you decide to become an ambassador for the Subway Surf Series?

Laura Enever: I'm very passionate about the next generation of Australian surfers, so when I had the opportunity to be an Ambassador for the Series I was really excited! There is so much talent in Australia and the kids are so awesome. I just hope I can help them in anyway by being an Ambassador for the Series, and more importantly a friend to all the kids.

Question: What originally inspired you love of surfing?

Laura Enever: I just loved being in the water every day and loved the simplicity of riding waves. For my passion to turn into my career today is a dream come true.

Question: What's your first surfing memory?

Laura Enever: Camping on the beach with my family and getting pushed into waves by my Dad.

Question: What would we find in your sports/surfing bag?

Laura Enever: All the essentials, sunscreen x10, bikinis , wetsuit, wax , water , electrolyte powder , sunglasses. My surfing bag is pretty much just a beach bag ha-ha

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Laura Enever: Wake early, check the surf, stretch , grab a coffee and breakfast, surf, lunch with friends, Pilates/train/physio , late surf, cook dinner!

Question: Can you talk us through your weekly training schedule?

Laura Enever: I surf at least once a day and when I'm with my coach a couple of times, I stretch every day and go to Pilates or training 4 times a week. If the waves are bad I do some cardio :)

Question: How important is your diet and food in general for your surfing career?

Laura Enever: I'm a big believer in eating well and taking notice of what my body needs to feel its best! I also believe in everything in moderation. I stick to a very clean and simple diet with lots of fruit and veggies but also love my chocolate.

Question: What are you most common snacks?

Laura Enever: A yummy smoothie , apples and peanut butter or homemade hummus and carrots!

Question: And, what's your favourite meal?

Laura Enever: I love a veggie stir fry with quinoa, but I'm trying to cook more and more yummy dinners!

Question: What advice do you have for a young surfers who want to compete, professionally?

Laura Enever: Don't beat yourself up or let a result define you! Work hard, have fun, and enjoy every part of the ride!r

Interview by Brooke Hunter



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