Love BUDS Meat-Free Plant Based Pattys

Love BUDS Meat-Free Plant Based Pattys


Meat the Australian-made, plant-based burger patty that looks, feels, and tastes like the real deal


The newest entrant to the plant-based burger scene, Love BUDS™, is proving that you can have your burger and eat it too.

The Australian start-up that owns Love BUDS™, All G Foods, has recently launched its new plant-based burger patties. BUDS Burger Patties are designed to look, feel, taste and perform like a regular beef burger, offering flexitarians the option to reduce meat intake and move towards a more sustainable, plant-centric style of eating.

Taste has always been at the forefront of solving the challenge between making a conscious and nutritious plant-based patty, and one that is comparable to any non-plant-based alternative. In a blind tasting study done by Sensory Solutions amongst a mixture of meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians, which compared BUDS Burger Patties with other products in the same category, BUDS came out on top as the first preference option of consumers.


By switching from a regular beef burger patty to BUDS, Australians will receive 21-25% of their daily fibre requirements**, high quality plant-proteins containing all essential amino acids and on average 25% less sodium compared to regular beef burgers.*** And the best bit is that BUDS Burger Patties are 100% GMO free! BUDS Burger patties come packed in a 2-patty sealed tray and each 125g patty contains a whopping 20g of high-quality plant protein for optimal health.

Their first in-retail launch was with IGA Supermarkets, who started stocking their range of alternative protein products in select nation-wide stores in September this year. Over the next few months, All G Foods will roll out the complete Love BUDS™ range, which is set to include plant-based mince and sausages as well as chicken and bacon alternatives.


Love BUDS™  Meat-free Burgers


Review: If you are looking to transition from meat to meat-free, the Love Buds Burgers are the perfect way to start.  We were sent a starter kit to make our own meat-free burger, including dairy free cheese and BUDS patty.  Trying a small piece on it's own, I could tell it wasn't meat, and it I'd say it wasn't as juicy or moist as meat, but it also wasn't starchy like some of the other brands.  Buds have definitely improved the plant based options on offer with their Patty, cause when I combined as a burger, it was really hard to tell the difference, meaning i could definitely take on BUDS for a Meat-Free Monday burgers.