Michelle Hardman Skinfluencer Interview

Cult Skincare Brand Appoints First Real-Life 'Skinfluencer'

Bio-Oil has appointed its first 'Skinfluencer' following a nationwide search to find individuals with unique stories to tell about the way they care for their skin. Teaching student, Michelle Hardman, will become the face of Bio-Oil Australia's social media campaign and inspire the next generation as a real-life ambassador.

Michelle was selected as part of the brand's #SheKnowsBest campaign which asked Australian women to share their insights into their skin regime, with many taking trips down memory lane, paying homage to the brand's long-standing cult status. Launched via Instagram, '#SheKnowsBest' celebrated and shared the secret skincare lessons accumulated by Australia's real beauty experts, Aussie women, as they move through life.

Michelle, who was introduced to the brand by her mother Fiona, has been honoured with the 'Skinfluencer' title after using the specialist skincare oil for over 15 years.

Michelle began her Bio-Oil journey after she suffered second and third degree burns when a hot water bottle burst on her legs at the age of 13. She continued her use throughout her first pregnancy, transition to motherhood and more recently following keyhole surgery.

"I was a confident and athletic teenager but my burns, scarring and dressings destroyed my self-esteem. My mum introduced me to Bio-Oil and after applying it twice-daily for a few months, the appearance of my scars improved and I got my confidence back to wear shorts and skirts again," said Bio-Oil Skinfluencer, Michelle Hardman.

"I love that Bio-Oil has been with me since my teenage years and now into motherhood. I used Bio-Oil morning and night throughout my pregnancy as my body stretched and changed. Following keyhole surgery a little over a year ago I applied Bio-Oil to improve the skin tone and scars, it has become my daily 'me time".

After sixteen years in the local market, Bio-Oil has become Australia's most recommended product by Aussie GPs for stretchmark and scar care, and a skincare 'ritual' shared between millions of Australian women through all stages of life.

Michelle's mum, Fiona Kowald, said she introduced her daughter to the product because she felt it celebrated woman as they are in real life.

"I'm so grateful the pharmacist introduced me to Bio-Oil and for the results Michelle saw. I taught Michelle to love the skin she's in, however, I also knew that improving those first scars as a teen was really important to her."

Bio-Oil is designed to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone, through regular twice-daily usage.

Bio-Oil is available on shelves now in Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Coles, Woolworths and all major pharmacies.

Interview with Michelle Hardman

Question: How does it feel to be Bio-Oil's first 'Skinfluencer'?

Michelle Hardman: It is really exciting to be chosen as Bio-Oil's first Skinfluencer. I have been a long term user of Bio-Oil and am really excited about sharing my experience with others.

Question: What do you love about Bio-Oil?

Michelle Hardman: I love that Bio-Oil is so easy to use at home. It is just oil in a bottle that I can rub into my skin twice a day to make a difference to my skin.

Question: How do you use Bio-Oil to care for your skin, now?

Michelle Hardman: I use Bio-Oil as a part of my daily skin routine because I have dry skin. I also use Bio-Oil on my surgery scars and stretch marks to continue to help improve their appearance over time.

Question: What changes did you notice when you began using Bio Oil at 13 years of age?

Michelle Hardman: Before using Bio-Oil the skin on my scar was raised, patchy and stretched. I noticed that the appearance of the skin improved over time and it became a pink tone again and softened.

Question: Can you tell us about how Bio-Oil supported your skin through your first pregnancy?

Michelle Hardman: Bio-Oil was my favourite product to use while pregnant. I rubbed the oil into my tummy each morning and night to help with the dry and stretching skin. It was a little bit of me time where I was able to look after my changing body and really appreciate my skin and the amazing things that it has been through with me.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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