Movies We're Excited to Get Dressed Up For In 2018

This year is full of exciting film releases with dazzling characters sure to captivate your heart. If you're looking for inspiration for your Halloween costume in 2018; here's a list of the release dates of the movies with the most captivating characters with the coolest looks for 2018. 


1.     January: The Greatest Showman - Lettie Lutz - Bearded women 


Lettie Lutz is a fearless, voluptuous character with a fun twist for both guys and girls looking for a costume. Whether you have your own beard and only need the dress and the curves, or you've got the curves down but need a stick-on beard, Lettie is a fun dress up option for everyone next year.


2. March: Tomb Raider - Lara Croft 


Lara Croft has always been a sexy Halloween costume option for women. With the new Tomb Raider moving due for release in 2018 you'll be sure to see many Lara Croft lookalikes next Halloween.


3. Pacific Rim Uprising - Jake Pentecost 


If you love to go all-out at Halloween, this costume is for you as it is fairly elaborate. Jake Pentecost is the protagonist of this action-packed movie and his futuristic armour will be a really fun dress up costume. Look out for it at costume shops as there's no way you'll be able to re-create this one on your own.


4. April: A Wrinkle in Time - Mrs Who 


Mindy Kaling plays Mrs Who in this exciting adaption of the famous novel A Wrinkle In Time. This fanciful character wears whimsical outfits full of embroidery and bright colours, plus fun glasses which will make her a favourite Halloween costume next year.


5. May: Solo - Han Solo 


Han Solo was a popular Halloween costume decades ago when the Star Wars films were released, and it will definitely become popular again when Solo is released next year. Now a whole new generation will love dressing up as the fearless smuggler and fighter.


6. June: The Incredibles 2 - Elastigirl 


The Incredible family's matriarch Elastigirl is featured again in the sequel released in 2018. She's a bold, brave character and is an easy dress up option. For extra fun, dress your whole family as the Incredibles; your kids will love it after seeing this film next year.


7. August: Scarface - Tony Montana 


Scarface is being reimagined in 2018, and is sure to win over as many fans as the original made in 1983. Tony Montana is a ferocious gangster, and we're betting plenty of guys will want to dress up as Montana next year for Halloween.


8. September: Robin Hood - Maid Marian 


Classic tale Robin Hood is back on screens in 2018 which means girls can enjoy the fun of wearing a full Medieval dress and channel Maid Marian's style for Halloween next year. From softly draped sleeves to cinched waists, Maid Marion will surely be one of the most popular costumes next year.


9. December: Aquaman - Aquaman and Mera 


Both lead characters in this much anticipated movie have captivating costumes you'll love to try next year for Halloween. If you're a guy, try the armour and tattoos (fake for your costume of course) that make Aquaman so unique. For girls, channel Mera's aquatic style with green sequins and fiery red hair.


Whether you want a simple and fun look for Halloween, or you wish to go all out, next year's movies are filled with exciting characters with fanciful costumes.


Article provided by Blossom Costumes


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