Swarovski's 2018 Rainbow Paradise Collection

Colour Is At It's Most Brilliant

Swarovski's 2018 Rainbow Paradise collection celebrates some of the brand's most distinctive attributes, starring colour expertise, modern glamour and multifaceted femininity. Through this collection that ensures #BrillianceForAll, Creative Director Nathalie Colin explores the range of emotions that colour elicits. She has taken the theme of Rainbow Paradise as her starting point for a versatile collection that highlights Swarovski's cut crystals' ability to enhance gradations, tone-on-tone and colour blocks of all kinds, from soft, delicate pastels up to vivid and uplifting bright shades.


"Each and every collection starts with a blank page and this season it is beautifully turned into a brilliant rainbow of colours. Vibrant, luminous, surprising, daring… colour is a strong creative trigger for Swarovski. It is deeply rooted in our DNA and reflects notably in our extraordinary range of exclusive shades," explains Colin.

Swarovski keeps proposing easy-to-wear pieces that can dial up a woman's look from every day to pure glamour in an instant. Cleverly editing trends, these pieces reflect the seasonal inspiration in a way women can easily curate to express their style, be it daring, timeless, romantic, or fashion- forward. With the Rainbow Paradise collection, colours shine bright in brilliant rainbow hues, with eye-popping fuchsia, luminous yellow, tropical green and true blue.

While bold pieces and cocktail rings continue to make their mark, ultra-feminine everyday jewellery is having its time. The accumulation of lots of small, delicate pieces worn together not only looks sleek, it feels very now. The Rainbow Paradise collection is also marked by a contemporary balance of stylised natural motifs - butterflies' accumulation in radiant colour harmonies, dainty figurative bees, mysterious snakes - and more sleek, fluid, organic lines with fringes and asymmetry.

"Colour has this magical power to send a message to your entourage, to inform about an emotion or on the contrary, to lift a dull mood, as a pop of red lipstick would. To me, wearing colourful jewellery is a way to express your personality and stand out. Somehow, it is a personal way to spread joy and positive vibes all around," concludes Colin.




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