New Wave Infinity

New Wave Infinity

Despite the unforeseen impacts creatives have faced worldwide this year, a collective of creatives riding under the banner of New Wave Infinity have endured the worst lockdowns in Australia, with all members residing in Melbourne. However, they have persevered and managed to bring together over sixty creatives from Melbourne for their Collaborative Album, titled All Corners, which is released on Friday, October 16th.

Having drawn together such a large number of exciting creatives pre-lockdown which ended up featuring over 60 Melbourne-based creatives, the team wanted to capture the energy of this unique project's creation and made sure to film an Official Documentary which takes viewers inside the room during the creative process.

"The one thing we hope people take away from our music as a collective and this album/documentary is that we are stronger when we are united and that the Melbourne arts scene is bound to explode with all of its incredible talent."" New Wave Infinity

With production by Eleftherios, Duan, Violet, and Snacks for 'Olè' and REYKO for 'Off White'"the album's focus singles feature Yung Shōgun , Fourth Place, MARLOW!, KVNYL, Hon3y, Delilah Bloome, Chux, Sin Santos, Oorbs, Sxint Prince, ThatKidMaz, Jordan Dennis, REYKO!, kailen, and Titan Debirioun to name a few. From front to back, 'All Corners' aims to literally feature all corners of Melbourne music, strengthen and elevate the community ties and artistic experience among its local creatives, and exemplify a harmonious collage of sounds and styles that the Australian music scene can be.

As a group, New Wave Infinity is heavily inspired by other collectives such as Brockhampton, Beast Coast, Odd Future, and Spillage Village. They have released over 30 music videos in the past two years, were featured on Kiss FM and SYN FM, and headlined The Get Down Events in 2019.

In wave after wave, the ensemble keeps on surfing through"with new music to offer, from one closely-knit community of artists in Melbourne, for all corners of the world. So don't miss out on fresh, independent music, and follow their socials.