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Our Love Affair With #PR

Our Love Affair With #PR


No matter how many years in the industry, there are certain highs you get from working in public relations. If you're in the industry, we're sure you'll relate to these. And if you're about to step into PR as a career – take a peek at what you can look forward to!


1) Seeing your media stories published and aired – and being part of what made major news. We never get sick of this. We get a complete kick out journalism/PR synergy: the right angle, perfect timing, a story that works.


2) Your idea for a publicity campaign brought to life. What started as scribble during a -light-bulb moment' in a team brainstorm – through to the launch, and seeing public energy and appreciation surrounding the campaign. It makes all those late nights worth it.


3) Post-event drinks with the organising crew. Your feet are wrecked and you can finally take a load-off, but everyone is still buzzing from the success of the event. There's always a behind-the-scenes element to PR due to our desire to take risks and push boundaries, and here's where we share a laugh around what could have gone wrong, but didn't.


4) When your client sees the difference PR is making to their business. We often hear this with industry colleagues, where PR is seen as the icing that the cake could easily go without when purses are tightened. We've been fortunate to work with clients that appreciate the value and see it as the -egg' that holds their business together and helps it rise. (We also like cake).


5) The transition from a zero social media fan-base to an online community that self-regulates and actively participates with the brand. As a community grows and engages, the brand speaks for itself – it's really rewarding to see this development as a direct result of your campaigns and strategy.


6) The pitch. The biggest buzz for us still comes down to pitches. From a completely blank slate to the research and multiple brainstorms, creative frustration as you near the -big idea' and then the elation when you nail it.


Let us know what you love most about PR?


Nicole Reaney - After being appointed the Corporate Affairs Manager and Media Spokesperson for Colgate-Palmolive at just 23 years of age, Nicole had her career fast-tracked, experiencing corporate success on an international scale. At 27 years of age, Nicole started her own communications business, InsideOut PR, a successful boutique agency that is an industry leader in creativity and technology solutions for clients of varying sizes and budgets. She became a board member of the peak PR industry association that same year.


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