Plane Pal

Plane Pal

Plane Pal™ had parents the world over breathing a collective sigh of relief when they released the Plane Pal™ Travel Pillow. A custom designed inflatable cushion to fill the space between a child's airplane seat and the seat in front. Finally allowing economy passengers to travel in 'first class style' as a parents' most precious cargo can prop up their legs for ultimate relaxation, or even lay flat for snoozing.

Now sold in 13 countries, Plane Pal™ has eased discomfort for thousands of passengers worldwide. Ideally invented for 2-8 year old's, Plane Pal™ is enjoyed by everyone; from toddlers to retirees, and everyone in between.

Packing Pals
Now, Plane Pal™ proudly unveils the latest release in their flight-friendly line up, Packing Pals.

Packing Pals decompress the stress of packing, to turn a shambolic suitcase into brilliant baggage. Made from strong, lightweight, see-through material, Packing Pals make organising items effortless so you can enjoy the journey and look forward to efficient unpacking on arrival.

High And Dry
Packing Pals are available in two options: mesh fabric or new, 100% waterproof, food-safe PEVA. Pack each family member's clothes or toiletries in separate cubes, keeping liquids contained and everything dry and organised. Made from washable, re-usable material, the fabric or waterproof varieties are ideal for safely storing everything from shoes and clothing to tech gadgets and cosmetics. Waterproof Packing Pals are particularly handy to facilitate a speedy airport liquids security check.

Fans of the Marie Kondo 'KonMari Method' of tidying will delight in organising their suitcase, carry-on, backpack or even everyday handbag with Packing Pals. Kondo's philosophy sees everything arranged in its own see-through pouch, box or cube for at-a-glance viewing. #KondoYourCase

Inventor and mother of three, Sam Cardone says, "Travellers are suitcase savvy these days; optimising weight and space is an art form. The usual design of packing cubes has been completely re-thought. No more unsightly prints, just double sided see-through fabric ensuring you can 'Tetris' valuable suitcase space."

"There are two types of packers; the fit-it-all-and-find-it-fast travellers and the insta-worthy holiday-makers who want to keep their case cute! Packing Pals cater to both - plus everything in between; from expecting mums' hospital bags, to unruly nappy bags, or even sorting that mess that floats in the bottom of the pram!" Sam muses.

Mesh Packing Pals (available in white, mint or pink)
3 pack: $29.95 includes 1 Sml, 1 Med & 1 Lge
6 pack: $59.95 includes 2 Sml, 2 Med & 2 Lge + BONUS Laundry Bag

Waterproof Packing Pals
3 pack: $24.95 includes 1 Sml (1/4L), 1 Med (1/2L) & 1 Lge (1L)

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