Raria This Generation Sucks

Raria This Generation Sucks

Melbourne's RARIA is leading a new wave of eclectic alternative pop, redefining the genre, and making music to be remembered.  Her new single 'This Generation Sucks' was shared on RARIA's social media in demo form and really resonated with fans,  creating a ground swell with over 1M views, 115k likes, 2000 comments & over 25k saves on Tik Tok alone.


Talking about the track, RARIA noted this was something a bit different to what she usually would try to write, saying, "This song was written in 3 hours, but I honestly never thought it would be released because it's a bit different to what I usually write. But after posting the demo on TikTok - a demo recorded over a year ago - I was overwhelmed with the response and how many people related to and latched onto the message. It made me feel not so alone."

The song started as a cathartic experience for RARIA, inspired by her own personal story, "'This Generation Sucks' is a diary entry of how I was feeling after one of my lowest dating experiences. It's so sad and defeating when it feels like your generation is so scared of the 'real thing'. I'm tired of not being taken seriously in dating and relationships… I just want to let my walls down and fall in love like the movies :")."


RARIA exploded onto the Australian music scene with her debut EP 'Boys Who Broke My Heart,' showcasing her stunning voice and songwriting prowess, whilst delving into themes of love, heartbreak, and relationships, served with a side of sass and playfulness.


2022 singles 'Dude' and 'Kill You Boy' have seen RARIA's music explode onto the global stage, picking up playlist support from Spotify Italy, Sweden, Turkey, the UK and more.  Marked as a one-to-watch by Refinery 29, RARIA has also featured on the cover of Spotify's coveted 'Pop n' Fresh' playlist and has been supported by 'Pop Sauce' in the UK and the global 'Fresh Finds' playlist, signaling it's not just Australian audiences who are taking notice of RARIA. 


Besides garnering millions of streams for her instantly relatable music, including a ¼ million streams for 'Kill You Boy' in only a matter of weeks, RARIA has been developing a growing presence on TikTok with over 3.5 million likes of her creations.  Showing off her cheeky and fun persona, RARIA is a natural in front of the camera, also starring in and directing the hilarious video for 'Kill You Boy', which tells the story of bringing home a boy to meet her overly protective Italian family. 


With more releases ahead, plus a brand-new live show and touring in September for an East Coast Tour with JUNO, things are only just getting started for RARIA. 


Tour dates:

Friday 1st September - Nighthawks, Melbourne

Saturday 2nd September - Oxford Art Gallery, Sydney

Friday 8th September - Stranded Bar, Brisbane

(All with JUNO)


Ticket link: https://lnkfi.re/junoxraria


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