Samantha Jade Sony Mobile 48 Hours Track

Samantha Jade Sony Mobile 48 Hours Track

Samantha Jade Sony Mobile 48 Hours Track


Sony Music artist, Samantha Jade, has joined forces with Sony Mobile Communications Australia and songwriter, Zac Poor, to develop and record a brand new summer song called Always and Forever in only 48 hours. In a -beat the clock' style challenge, Samantha and Zac developed the song from concept to mastered track against the countdown of one single charge of Sony Mobile's new Xperia™ Z3, which boasts up to two days of battery life .


Locked away in the studio for two days, the pair used the Xperia Z3 range as aids throughout the process; accelerating the track's progression through seamless connectivity with other music professionals, and capitalising on the unique audio features of the smartphone. Against the deadline of one Xperia Z3 charge, the pairing of the two talented artists, with support from Sony Mobile, has resulted in what could be the song of summer.


'I was a bit nervous when Sony Mobile presented me with this challenge as I've never tried to record a song so quickly, let alone write lyrics as well. It was tough, but so much fun at the same time. Luckily Zac and I hit our stride quite early and I'm so happy with the track and can't wait for everyone to hear it!" said Samantha Jade of her 48 Hours of Great experience.


In the final hours, pressure intensified on the duo to finish the track. 'We kept looking at that battery bar on the Xperia Z3 towards the end of day two, hoping we would come up with a great track before our time was up," she said. 'It was nerve-wrecking but I couldn't be more excited with the new song. It's upbeat and catchy – perfect for summer!" Though the Xperia Z3 was used constantly over the two days to make and receive calls, record snippets of the lyrics and share samples with friends, amazingly, two days later, the battery charge was still 22%.


In addition to the incredible battery life and superior High-Res Audio, the entire Xperia Z3 range – including the Xperia™ Z3 Compact and Xperia™ Z3 Tablet Compact – also has the highest waterproof rating available2, an outstanding camera and PS4 Remote Play capabilities.


The remarkable camera quality of the Xperia Z3 captured the behind the scenes style music video to accompany Always and Forever can be viewed here.