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Samantha Sargent Self-Care for Valentine's Day Interview

Valentine's Day: From Skin to Soul

"Self-care is the first step and an invitation to take responsibility for our own health and happiness, knowing that we can influence the way we feel physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically via our daily choices. It's the natural way to help ourselves," explains Samantha.

And with research revealing Australian millennials to be among the unhappiest and most stressed people in the world – there isn't a better time, to take some time to understand what self-love and care really means.

"The message of learning to love and care for yourself is important all year round, but becomes even more prevalent in the lead up to Valentine's Day. Self-care is not about adhering to strict practices or labelling ourselves, instead it's about realising that self-care is a personal endeavour that can encompass everything from meditation to walking barefoot on the earth, eating organic wholesome foods, utilising essential oils and products that not only support our bodies physically, but emotionally as well."

The AEOS range in PINK, contains alchemical spagyric tinctures of charoite, rubellite, rose quartz, calcite, fire opal and topaz crystals to aid toning, support the heart chakra and promote kindness, caring and warmth, perfect for treating yourself something special this Valentine's Day.

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Interview with Samantha Sargent, natural skincare expert, holistic nutritionist and distributor of AEOS

Question: What is self-care?

Samantha Sargent: From my point-of-view, self-care is the invitation to take responsibility for our own health and happiness, knowing that we can influence the way we feel physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically via our daily choices. Self-care is the natural way to help ourselves.

Question: What are examples of self-care?

Samantha Sargent: Self-care encompasses everything from meditation, yoga and walking barefoot on the earth; to balancing our diet with organic whole foods such as fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs; to utilising the benefits of organic essential oils and personal care products that support the body; to feeding our creativity and passions.

Question: Why should we practice self-care, this Valentine's Day?

Samantha Sargent: So that we can step away from the temptation to judge ourselves.

Question: How will practicing self-care benefit our relationships?

Samantha Sargent: Embracing our imperfectly perfect nature to care for ourselves holistically, enhances the most important relationship we have - the relationship with ourselves. This is where all other relationships spring from. If we can't care for ourselves, how can we possibly expect to care for another?

Question: What are your top tips for practicing self-care, on any day?

Samantha Sargent: Stop judging yourself and comparing yourself to others, especially when in the mirror. Take all that energy spent on judgment and focus it towards nurturing yourself with gentle touch skin care rituals, preparing home-made healthy vegan meals, and getting out and about for a fun form of exercise that gets your body moving.

Take a moment each day for some 'me time'. Even if it's only a couple of minutes in the shower. Add a couple of drops of 100% organic essential oils to the corner of your shower floor. Inhale the fresh scent. Exhale any worries or stress.

Quit bitching. Before you open your mouth, ask "is it kind?', "is it necessary?' If it's a YES to both, then go for it. If it's a NO to either one of the questions, rethink whether you should say it. Do this for the next two weeks and see the difference in your life, and the way in which people interact with you.

Let go of the day. Before bedtime take a moment (even if just 2 minutes) to let go of the day. I love to use my nightly skin care ritual as a way to wash the day away down the bathroom sink as I remove all traces of makeup and environmental pollution with quality organic products such as AEOS. On one hand the active botanicals nourish my skin, and on the other hand I'm using the ritual to let go of any frustrations or worries that came up in the day.

Spend less time on your digital devices and more time opening your eyes to connect with the beauty of your surroundings. Gaze up at the beautiful blue sky, and the birds flying by. Connect back with nature by admiring the vibrant colour of flowers, and trees blowing in the wind, or walk barefoot on the earth.

Let go of the labels that you or society have placed upon you. Holding on to them is a sure-fire way to set yourself up for disappointment and self-judgment. Whether those labels are: "I'm vegan" or "I'm a goddess" or any variant. Modern culture's obsession with women having to fit a certain mould or look or act a certain way does nothing but drive women insane to the point of feeling -not good enough' because they know deep down that they are trying to be a certain 'cookie cutter way', as opposed to being happy in our own skin, whatever that may be on a moment by moment basis. Sure, it's great to make vegan choices, for example, but what happens when you -slip up'? If you're vested so strongly in that label then the wave of self-judgment can be crippling and detrimental to your physical and mental health.

Question: Can you tell us about crystals that support your skin?

Samantha Sargent: There is only one brand – AEOS energised organics - that I have come across that works with an alchemist who takes up to 12 months to transform the actual solid crystal rocks into a liquid tincture that is then added to each product so that the -crystal' can be absorbed by the skin, and in to the bloodstream for assimilation. Adding crushed crystals is not the same, as the fine grains would simply sit on top of the skin. Energising water by submerging the crystal in the liquid is not the same either. What AEOS does is transform the solid crystal in to a liquid state. What the lab has found over years of honoring this alchemical spagyric process, that the Ancients such as Hippocrates used to adhere to, is that the liquid crystal tinctures (whilst having an effect on the emotional mind) also have an effect on the skin.

For example, the skincare benefits of liquid crystal tinctures in AEOS products:
Emerald provides anti-ageing benefits.
Rose quartz helps to reduce redness.
Amethyst helps to improve moisture retention.
Turquoise helps to activate water balance and is particularly beneficial for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.
Quartz has a cleansing and detoxifying effect on the skin.
Opal supports the formation of red blood cells.
Blue Chalcedony has a moisturizing effect on the skin that helps with regenerating dehydrated and congested skin.

Question: How will you be spending Valentine's Day?

Samantha Sargent: With my husband. Starting our day with a walk on the beach and swim in the surf. Back home for some work. Out in our garden watching the wallabies and beautiful birds in the afternoon. And then curled up on the couch together for the evening after a yummy home cooked meal.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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