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Samantha Sargent Self-Love for Valentine's Day Interview

Samantha Sargent Self-Love for Valentine's Day Interview

'Self-care is the first step and an invitation to take responsibility for our own health and happiness, knowing that we can influence the way we feel physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically via our daily choices. It's the natural way to help ourselves," explains Samantha.

The message of learning to love and care for yourself is important all year round, but becomes even more prevalent in the lead up to Valentine's Day.

Self-care is not about adhering to strict practices or labelling ourselves, instead it's about realising that self-care is a personal endeavour that can encompass everything from meditation to walking barefooted on the earth, eating organic wholesome foods, utilising essential oils and products that not only support our bodies physically, but emotionally as well.

Interview with Samantha Sargent

Lead distributor of AEOS and holistic nutritionist, Samantha Sargent, has earned a reputation for being a respected advocate and leader within the natural health and beauty industry. With 18+ years of industry experience, various professional accreditations, and regularly being interviewed for her expert advice, Samantha has been featured in Australian, American and British magazines, websites, blogs and radio, including, Foxtel's Lifestyle YOU, Vogue, Marie Claire, InStyle, Russh, Women's Health, Nature & Health, Women's Health & Fitness, Australian Women's Weekly, Cleo, Famous, Peppermint, Better Health, Your Fitness, EcoLuxe and Real Living magazines, to name just a few.

What makes Samantha's approach unique is the depth of practical hands-on research she undertakes throughout the world, coupled with her holistic and common sense approach in helping to improve the health and happiness in her customers, clients and readers day-to-day lives. She considers all aspects of life by drawing down on her diverse training in health and healing modalities such as Holistic Nutrition, Make Up Artistry, Skin Care and Image Training, Physical Education (Fitness), Aromatherapy, Access Consciousness, Vipassana Meditation and Aura-Soma Colour Therapy.

Question: What is self-love?

Samantha Sargent: From my point of view, self-love is being able to make peace with the reflection that we see in the mirror. Free from judgments. Free from comparisons. Accepting ourself for who we are, whilst also desiring to be the best version of ourself. Not neglecting to care for ourself. Nurturing and nourishing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

Question: Why is self-love so important this Valentine's Day?

Samantha Sargent: So often we focus our attention on caring for others. It's a beautiful quality to have. But when that plane is going down, there's a very good reason why they say to place that oxygen mask on your face before attending to another. If we can't care for ourself, how can we possibly expect to be able to care for another. Everything starts with ourself. And what I've found, is that when I am nurturing and nourishing and looking myself, then everything in my life is exponentially better, including the relationship with my husband.

Question: How can we know if we have enough self-love?

Samantha Sargent: I think it's a constant fine tuning. I haven't yet found anyone to be -perfect'. We're all winging it. It's a daily practice.

Question: What essential oils can we use to aid in self-love?

Samantha Sargent: My favourites for self-love are rose, geranium, jasmine and ylang-ylang.

Question: Can you talk about how learning to care for yourself is the first base for developing meaningful relationships?

Samantha Sargent: Everything starts with ourself. I know for me, that it is impossible for me to have arguments when I'm caring for all aspects of myself (physical, emotional, spiritual). Everything flows, my days are filled with happiness and laughter, and inspiration, and my relationship is truly a dream come true. On the flip side, if I'm in an environment that I don't particularly like (eg. a city that thrives on drama, disconnection and superficiality), eating nutritionally depleted foods, and not gifting myself the time to engage in the seemingly insignificant little things (such as a beach walk and swim in the morning, listening the the birds, breathing in fresh air), then I start to get affected on so many levels. On a physical level my cells aren't obtaining the life force energy from organic fruits and vegetables that make every little cell in my body thrive with joy, I pick up on all the discontent from the people surrounding me, and the frustration of honking horns at traffic lights, and it gets me down. This has a flow on effect to everything around me. It can't not. It's the simple fact of cause and effect. So if you are someone who lives in a fast paced busy city and are wondering why your life isn't the Heaven on Earth fantasy that you desire, then I would strongly recommend implementing little rituals into your day that bring you a moment of inner peace and joy.

Question: Can you share your top tips for practising self-care each day to enrich your vitality?

Samantha Sargent: Breathe fresh air. Whether you set your alarm clock early to get down to the beach or nearby park. Make it a daily practice to spend time in nature, breathing fresh air and feeling the early morning or late afternoon sun gently kiss your skin.

Choose real food that provides your cells with the basic requirements they need to thrive. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. If it isn't something that your great grandmother doesn't recognise, then choose something different.

Take a moment at the beginning and end of each day to care for your skin. All it takes is a minute to mindfully gift your skin nature's botanicals.

Do one thing each day that nourishes your heart. Whether it's reading, singing, dancing, walking or playing with your dog.

Question: What five products do you use, every day?

Samantha Sargent: Body Brush.
Body Oil
Cleansing Oil + Muslin Cloth
Hydrating Mist
Serum / Beauty Oil

Question: How do you spend your -you time', each day?

Samantha Sargent: In the morning, my husband and I go for a walk and swim at the beach. It's my -me time' and -us time'. Listening to the birds, looking at the hills, the sky, the different colours of the water, and swimming in the surf gives me so much joy. It's such a beautiful way to start the day, hand in hand with my husband, that sets us up for a beautiful day ahead. Other -me time' joys are walking in our garden, gifting myself an evening skin care ritual, and cooking. Cooking is a huge joy and -me time' activity with the music on and infusing a little love with each stir.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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