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The #GIRLBOSS movement has risen to fame over the years thanks to Sophia Amoruso's pioneering insight into the entrepreneurial woman; inspiring others to redefine their own success on their own terms. Although unnecessarily gender specific (let's be real, a female boss is just that: a boss!), the term is aspirational and empowers women of all ages to fearlessly forge their own path.


Ambassadors of this philosophy, Sash & Belle, celebrate everyday women by releasing a range of work-appropriate handbags that deliver on versatility, storage and style as standard.


Available in 100% genuine cowhide leather, the range accommodates the individual needs of busy women from all walks of life by offering carefully designed styles, spacing options and detailing to suit all professions.  


Sofia Work Handbag – Black


Do you carry a laptop, tech cords, makeup, notebook, glasses? Do you find it hard to fit everything in your bag and end up carrying two? The Sofia work handbag is your answer to an all-in-one stylish work handbag that is comfortable to carry and will be there for you from 9am – 9pm.


The stylish work handbag features a padded compartment for a laptop (or large tablet) and an iPad with a velcro closure to keep it secure. Pockets sized purposely for your wallet, phone, metro card and pens hold everything in place; an ingenious detachable key leash lets you retrieve your keys without digging around. We have fused style with unparalleled function to help you live smarter.


Sofia Work Handbag RRP: $279.95


Sash & Belle was founded in 2013 by Canberrean-based designer, Kristy McPhillips, and offers quality leather and vegan leather accessories for businesswomen, mums, and everyday handbag collectors.



Interview with Kristy McPhillips

1.  What was your inspiration behind the Sash & Belle range?

I have always searched for handbags that would help me, whether it was for work or out with my kids and I never quite found what I wanted or at a price point that wasn't ridiculous for what it was.

So, I set myself a mission to design handbags that combine fashion and function at an affordable price. I love designing for mums, busy women and professional career woman. It would drive me crazy digging through my bag trying to find my keys or carrying a handbag and a laptop bag and I thought there has got to be a better way to do this and have it look like a stylish handbag. That is where my inspiration came from and my inspiration continues from feedback from our Sash & Belle customers that are so happy with how functional their Sash & Belle handbag is.

2. Can you summarise the process of creating a bag design?

Creating a new Sash & Belle handbag takes about 6 months, I first come up with the purpose of the bag ie work handbag, nappy bag or everyday bag – and my design process generally starts from the inside out as I design for function and organisation all while creating a timeless and stylish handbag design on the outside. 


I also love to ask women if they had the chance to create and design their own bag what would it look like or have in it (I love to ask my own customer base and interactive facebook groups for their opinions). I use mine and their ideas to create that perfect handbag. There's always a place inside for your keys, glasses, water bottle, laptop, tech cords, makeup etc


I then use a fashion illustrator to sketch every element of my design, before sending the detailed drawing to my manufacturer in China. Usually, there will be two samples per bag, just so everything is completely perfect and of an amazing quality. I also travel to China once a year to meet with my manufacturers and talk about my new designs.


3. What are some of the challenges you face with Sash & Belle?

Brand awareness has always been a challenge. Starting your own label and designs on a small budget takes time. You could have the best handbag designs in the world but telling people about them and getting them to use the bag and then tell their friends etc takes time. Another challenge was finding the right manufacturers and getting the quality right. We work with a manufacturer now that is fantastic.

4. What's a typical day like for you, at Sash & Belle?

When you are doing something you love, time goes by quickly, when I was working in the public service my days never went this quick!! My day starts with getting my 6 & 8-year-old ready for school, dropping them off and then the business day starts. I have been doing a pop up shop in a shopping centre in Canberra for 6 months, so my time is spread between running that, designing new bags, liaising with my manufacturers as I am in the middle of manufacturing a new collection and getting new samples made for SS18-19. 


We have several retailers that stock Sash & Belle so I am chatting to them and packing their orders. I am also actively seeking new retailers that have a similar ideal to Sash & Belle. Also, we are carefully packing our online orders and sending them to our wonderful customers!! Then it is back to pick up kids, homework, play, dinner, bed and repeat, but I love it!

5. What are the five things you couldn't run your business without?

There is many but here are my top 5

·         Sash & Belle new and loyal customers – couldn't succeed if I didn't have those

·         My trusty laptop 

·         Website –

·         A good graphic design tool – I use Canva

·         Business systems

6. What advice do you have for those wanting to start a business?


Research, learn everything about the product or business you want to start. If it is a product based business, find a great manufacturer, make samples and ensure you are happy with them and the quality and then JUST DO IT.


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