#TogetherWeTriumph Bra Fitting Advice


Triumph, one of the world's leading underwear and lingerie brands, launches a global campaign #TogetherWeTriumph. Empowerment is a recognition of sisterhood and togetherness, marking a new creative direction for the brand in 2018. For over 130 years, Triumph has been supporting women through their product, giving the feeling of total confidence and providing fit solutions for all shapes and sizes. Embedded in the Triumph Brand Values is the support of women who support one another and representing the brand are thousands of employees who excel in service every day, from design and innovation to the fit experts in store. #TogetherWeTriumph is a celebration of women all over the world.

The new campaign is a bold statement of empowerment, of strength, reflected through a series of 'real life' moments where kindness and understanding shines through each of the short scenes. We begin with a woman helping another with her toddler, a friend coming to the aid of another, a hand to pull her up, a time of marriage, a moment of Triumph on stage and a final show of solidarity demonstrates that women are stronger together and stronger still when supported by Triumph every day.


Triumph Managing Partner, Markus Spiesshofer comments "It is no secret that behind every women is another woman who inspires and helps her and this is what we want to celebrate. It is also a celebration of our Triumph family. Our employees all over the world who are constantly innovating and crafting lingerie with every woman in mind. Today this message of female empowerment is incredibly relevant and deserves our support."


Suzanne McKenna, Head of Brand comments 'Our campaign in 2018 has a digital and social focus, which we will drive to connect with our consumers on a deeper level by putting her centre stage. By deliberately moving away from a product centric campaign, it has given us a fresh perspective to our communication across all our channels. '




Interview with Paula Svoboda


    What are the common mistakes women make when choosing a bra?

The most common mistake is choosing the wrong size bra. Ill-fitting bras are not only uncomfortable, they can lead to back, shoulder, and breast or neck pain. Even worse, not getting the right support can cause irreversible breast sag! Women believe that sag is often due to the size of your breasts, but it's not.  The stress of movement on the breast is what causes the fatty tissue and ligaments to stretch and sag overtime, irrespective of your size.  Even if you are an A cup, it is as important to wear a correctly supportive bra as if you are an E cup.


What are the key things to look for when fitting a bra? 

We all love a beautiful-looking bra, but if it's not offering the right support, it's not helping you at all. It's so important to wear a bra that's fitted professionally. This will ensure you breasts are properly supported and you stay comfortable. Another key thing to note is that no two bras offer exactly the same level of support or will fit the same way - even if they have the same size on the tag.  Sizes change between brands and even sometimes within a single brand's different styles.



    How important is it to get the right fit?

There is so much choice out there when it comes to bras, so a professional bra fitting can make all the difference in ensuring you find the right bra for your shape, size and style needs.


If you notice your bra is starting to feel uncomfortable, it's probably not the bra's fault! It's often the person wearing the wrong sized bra, or wrong style for their bust shape. Unfortunately though, there are still many women who put up with wearing an uncomfortable and ill-fitting bra for many reasons; they are time-poor, they are scared to know their size and prefer to avoid the fitting experience altogether. It is so easy for women to think they are the same size as 3 years ago, but women's bodies can change so much. Women often feel insecure by their size and shape, but the right fitting bra can change all that!


At Triumph, we recognize and tailor a personalised fitting to make sure that the fitting experience is not daunting and style each woman to walk away with confidence. I have seen many women's confidence transformed by a simple bra fitting; some have even been reduced to tears of joy.



    How often should you update your bras?

This obviously depends on how often you wear the bra.  If it's your all-time favourite and is worn a few times a week expect about six months. The same goes for sports bras as they endure more than your everyday bra and you want to be sure it remains firm and tight.   If it's a bra that only gets an airing a few times a year, count on having to replace it every year.  Lingerie is better worn than not.  The elastic fibres perish when not worn.  So don't save your favourites for special occasions.



    Can you share the Triumph Lingerie vision #TogetherWeTriumph?

This year we're all about celebrating women and the support they show for one another. Together We Triumph is the new 2018 Triumph Brand Campaign and a celebration of female empowerment, it's a recognition of sisterhood and togetherness. We've been crafting beautiful bras for women of all shapes and sizes for over one hundred and thirty years. And we're all for another kind of support. The support that women give each other. It comes in all shapes and sizes too. From small kindnesses that turn your day around to the big moments you'll remember forever. Because when women support each other incredible things happen.



Triumph has been crafting lingerie for over 130 years, ensuring women look and feel their best, and Paula has fitted over 50,000 women, so  she is a total expert in body positivity! Paula knows just how to give women total confidence by providing the right fit for all shapes and sizes.  Since 1886 Triumph has understood that with perfectly fitting lingerie comes the feeling of true support, empowering women every day, all over the world. Triumph International is one of the world's largest intimate apparel companies with over 2,000 stores and 40,000 wholesale customers worldwide, selling products in 3,600 controlled points of sale, with a global distribution spanning 120 countries. TRIUMPH is a registered trademark of the Triumph Firm Group.


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